Housing & Dining

Segment #7 from University of Northern Iowa


Say hello to Liz. She’s a junior from West Des Moines, Iowa, majoring in sociology with minors in Spanish and social justice. Liz transferred to UNI from a community college and really enjoys the camaraderie of living right here on campus. Plus, she’s a fan of the best college food in Iowa. Take it away, Liz.

Hi, everyone. After high school I attended a community college fully online while living at home, but I felt like I was missing out because I wasn’t experiencing that campus life. After visiting UNI I knew this was a place that I wanted to transfer to and live. At UNI there are 10 different places you can choose from to call home and they offer traditional dorm suite and even apartment style living. To help with finding roommates. UNI uses this program called Panther Picks which works a lot like a dating app but it matches you up with the perfect roommate. Part of living on campus is also eating on campus and we have two dining centers that are connected to most of the housing options. Side note, UNI is ranked the best college food in Iowa. I really enjoy the coffee spots as well as the food court and convenience stores all right here on campus which is especially nice when it gets cold. I’ve been able to meet people who look and think differently than me and it’s been cool being able to share a space with them. I have made some of my best friends by living on campus who have impacted and encouraged me in so many ways. Because of how much I grew and love living on campus. I decided to be a resident assistant this year. I want to create a space that is welcoming to all students, a place that feels like home to them, a place where they experience growth and community here on campus. That’s my story. Back to you, Alex.

Fabulous Liz, that’s amazing to learn that UNI has a program to help you pick the perfect roommate. You definitely wanna choose a campus that feels like home. A true sense of community is a recurring theme we’ve heard from so many Panthers. Thanks so much, Liz.

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