International Student Experience with McKelton

Segment #4 from Alabama A&M University


The international student experience at Alabama A&M University is truly unique, and who better to shed light on it than McKelton, a junior studying business administration hailing from Nassau, Bahamas. McKelton represents the diverse group of international students studying in Normal, Alabama. Let’s hear from McKelton himself why he chose AAMU.

– Thanks, Desi. Growing up in The Bahamas, I always knew I wanted to be a business owner. I had never thought about which university I wanted to attend, or if I wanted to attend at all. When I finally decided to pursue higher education, I knew Alabama A&M University was the place. I decided to enroll at Alabama A&M University after hearing stories from my high school band director about his college days. That was enough to convince me to make the best decision of my life. Adjusting to the United States was no easy feat and I faced many culture shocks. I had to learn how to navigate the school’s online platform, Greek life, and social life. But with the help of my advisor, the Office of Multicultural Affairs and my resident assistant, I was able to have a smooth transition. The atmosphere on campus is so welcoming and there’s always something to do on The Hill. When there isn’t a study group going on, there’s a scholastic forum or an event for every sunny day. Never a dull moment on campus. Thanks to all the social and scholastic activities, I’ve learned to balance my life and get my work done. My biggest takeaway has been learning how to network, because having a degree is important, but your network circle will help propel you further. A&M has helped prepare me for my future by providing opportunities for me to connect with leaders in the corporate world to secure a job after college. I’m thankful for what A&M has embedded in me because as the future Prime Minister of The Bahamas, those attributes play an important role. This is my story. The best is yet to come. Back to you, Desi.

– Wow, McKelton, it sounds like you really found a family here. With assistance from the Office of Multicultural Affairs, there are so many resources available to international students like McKelton. And you’re right. The best is yet to come.

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