International Student / Student Ambassador with Sam

Segment #9 from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


It’s time to meet Sam. Sam is a senior pursuing environmental science and management with a minor in sustainable energy at UWSP and is originally from Medellin, Columbia. He is so excited to talk to us about the amazing experience going to college in Stevens Point and how UWSP is working to bring more great students like Samto campus. Let’s go, Sam.

– Thanks, Alex. Growing up, I always challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone, whether it was by trying different sports or reading books about science and technology. After graduating high school, I knew I wanted to come to the US so that I could live the experience of being a student-athlete. UW-Stevens Point offered me the best of both worlds. A top-tier education and the opportunity to be a part of its fantastic tennis team. UW-Stevens Point is also home to one of the leading undergraduate natural resources programs in the US. Upon entering as an environmental science and management student, I was able to immediately connect with professors with a wide variety of backgrounds. They helped me find my passion in waste management and sustainable energy. As a result, I became the secretary of the Waste Management Society and I had the chance to attend several conferences and meet employers from multiple engineering and scientific companies. With all the networking on campus, I even landed a job at Schmeeckle Reserve, one of the three field stations in the College of Natural Resources. On the athletic side, I was named captain of the tennis team, which helped me develop my leadership skills on and off the court. Thanks to all the opportunities I’ve had access to at UW-Stevens Point, I was given the role of University Ambassador. I have interacted with students from all over the US and several international students who also share a passion for traveling and learning about diverse cultures. I have learned about their backgrounds and aspirations and have been able to help them through the college search process. It has been an amazing journey and I wouldn’t change a thing. UW-Stevens Point has provided me with all the necessary tools to succeed in this world. Hitting it back to you, Alex.

– Awesome job, Sam. You’re such a great ambassador for UWSP. Thank you for helping other students from across the nation and world navigate the college search process. I can’t wait to come back again and experience a tour and Schmeeckle Reserve with you sometime. Thanks again, Sam.

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