Keepers of the Spirit

Segment #16 from Texas A&M University


Texas A&M’s values of discipline, integrity, selfless service and honor are upheld by the oldest student organization on campus, the Corps Of Cadets. Here to tell us more is Grayson. Grayson is a business honors major and senior in the Corps Of Cadets. Lead the way, Grayson.

Thanks Alex and howdy y’all. My great-grandfather who was in the Core class of 1940, my mom graduated from Texas A&M class of 1993. Texas A&M has been in my blood for a long time. I’ve found something special at Texas A&M and within the Core of Cadets that’s more than a community, more than comradery, more than an education, it’s a family for me. In the Core of Cadets, every member lives in one centralized location on campus that we call “The Quad.” We begin every morning with formation, followed by an hour of physical training and breakfast in Duncan, the cadet dining hall. After breakfast, cadets clean up and prepare for the academic day. Once classes are done, we have afternoon training time. This could be a former student speaking on a career path or practicing drills together for the upcoming football march in. In the evening, we gather on the quad where we honor the colors, our official flags and march into Duncan for another meal together. The day is concluded with evening study time or organization meetings. Everything during our day is centered around learning to lead during our time at A&M. Students are not participants, we run the program. In the Core, we do hard things that matter. Knowing that our hard work will make us the world changers of tomorrow. We make leaders of character that care about leaving a positive legacy in the military, the private and public sectors. From here, we march on. I plan to start my career as a strategy analyst at Deloitte Consultant. I know that I’m not simply taking an education with me, I’m taking away a holistic experience that is preparing me to lead well and adapt on all fronts. Back to you, Alex.

Grayson, thank you for telling us what you’re learning as a member of the core and Texas A&M. It sounds like you’re making the most of your time in Aggieland and it looks like your time and effort will equip you for success after graduation.

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