Life as a Student-Athlete at UP with Oliver

Segment #6 from University of Portland


We’re now kicking it over to Oliver, who traveled all the way from Copenhagen to play soccer for UP. The Pilots 16 NCAA Division One Sports Programs in the West Coast Conference, turn out a steady stream of pro athletes and Olympians, but these talented athletes are students first and UP offers an array of resources to help them make the most of their education. Take it away, Oliver.

– Thanks Alex. It’s always been my dream to play soccer at the highest level as possible, so when I got the opportunity to play for University of Portland, one of the best soccer programs in the whole country, I felt I was one step closer to achieve that goal. At first it was a bit tough being so far away from home, but the people here are so nice and it didn’t take long for up to feel like another home. Since it’s a smaller school, it’s really easy to make friends. Plus, there’s always something fun to do, like dominating the ping pong table in my dorm or hitting the food carts nearby and shout out to Outdoor Pursuits, for always putting on some great hiking trips. You just sign up and go for it. Being a student athlete means that I spend a lot of time on the field, but UP has a lot of good resources to help you get the most out of your classes. And seeing friends and other UP athletes in the stands going crazy, cheering for you is just an incredible feeling, it’s like we have one big family. When I’m out there playing, hearing the billet drum squad and knowing those are my dorm mates making all that noise, it’s just so cool to have all that support. What I do after my graduation is still a big question, but since coming to UP, I matured a lot and expanded my view on the world. I learned so much from my classes and met friends from all over the globe. I’m not scared of trying new stuff anymore and see what comes out of it. And every morning I wake up knowing there’s something to achieve and something to look forward to. Well, that’s all for me. Kicking the ball back to you, Alex.

– Wow Oliver, clearly Pilots excel in the classroom and on the field. Nearly half of UP’s athletes make the Dean’s List while consistently leading their teams to postseason tournaments. Named after River boat pilots who used their expertise and courage to navigate through the treacherous Columbia River, UP Pilots are an impressive bunch. Thanks again.

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