Life Beyond the Classroom

Segment #2 from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College


Okay everyone, let’s head over to meet Caitlynne. She’s a senior from Middelburg, Florida, majoring in agricultural communication. Growing up, Caitlynne loved to visit the Georgia Museum of Agriculture in Tifton. Now that living history museum is part of ABAC and Caitlynne works there. How cool is that? Tell us all about it Caitlynne.

– Howdy, Alex. One of my earliest childhood memories is traveling to Tifton and visiting the Georgia Museum of Agriculture or the GMA. Coming here sparked my passion for agriculture, led me to join the National FFA Organization, and eventually choose ABAC as my college destination. ABAC is committed to providing everyone with a hands-on learning experience. Students can study at locations like the Forest Lakes golf course, the Langdale Teaching Forest, or the GMA, where I work. ABAC being nestled right in the historic Piney Woods of South Georgia, makes it the prime location for the GMA. The GMA is an immersive museum and historic village, with endless ways to learn about the past, present, and future of agriculture. Since 2010, the museum has served as a living laboratory, providing hundreds of ABAC students with real world experience to prepare them for the workforce. ABAC also owns a nine hole golf course and a 1000 acre forest, where students in majors like forestry and turf grass management, can get their hands dirty to learn the things that a textbook just can’t teach you. ABAC hires 100s of student workers each semester. There are jobs available at the bookstore, ABAC’s Golf Course, in the tutoring center, and much more. Another unique benefit to being a Stallion, is keeping your own horse at the stables right here on campus. There are endless ways to get involved, make friends, and enjoy your time. I am forever thankful for the time that I have worked here at the museum. Not only am my graduating career ready, I have also developed some of the best friendships and mentors because of ABAC. From here in the 19th century, gee haw, woo back to you, Alex.

– Wow, you can bring your horse to college. Caitlynne, that is amazing. I love that ABAC has so many opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, its own golf course, its own forest and that really amazing museum of agriculture. Great job, Caitlynne.

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