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Segment #6 from Seton Hall University


Okay, let’s head over and meet Claire. She’s a senior from Pennsylvania, studying visual and sound media. She loves being behind the camera and on the stage. Now she’s landed an exciting job as a broadcast associate for the MLB network. But before she goes, let’s hear Claire’s Seton Hall story. Claire, the camera’s rolling.


– Thanks, Alex. Hey, everyone. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always had my hands on a camera. And in fact, I would spend most of my free time making short films. Coming into college, I knew I wanted to find a place that would challenge me and allow me to be creative. Seton Hall delivered. I’ve been able to join the radio station, the university choir, and I’m currently the field producer at Pirate Television. Through the television station as well as our numerous production classes, I’m able to get that real-world, hands-on learning experience that has allowed me to create content that is premiered in two film festivals. Also, with our close proximity to New York City, this gives us accents to talented faculty and alumni who are working in the field, which is great for networking. It’s also great for internships. I’ve been able to intern with awesome films and CNBC. Thanks to the theater department on campus, I’m also able to pursue my other passion for performing. There’s always a theater production in the works, and a lot of them take place downtown in South Orange at the Performing Arts Center. Speaking of South Orange, it’s a safe, adorable town with family-owned restaurants and boutiques and a movie theater. Plus, there are lots of parks and hiking trails nearby. Lots of students also walk downtown to catch the train to New York City. It’s just a 30-minute train ride. Seton Hall organizes trips to Broadway shows, sporting events, concerts, and lots more. There’s also trips to the Jersey Shore, DC, and Philly. I love this area so much that I’ve decided to live here permanently. In fact, after graduation, I’ll be working for the MLB network as a broadcast associate. I can’t wait to expand on all the skills that Seton Hall has taught me.

– I think they need me back at the TV station. Back to you, Alex.


– Claire, you are absolutely right. South Orange is a fabulous town. Just a quick walk from campus, you can grab a train to Manhattan to intern at media outlets like CNN, HBO, the New York Times, or theater and production companies. And it’s awesome that you’ve already landed a broadcasting job. Congratulations, Claire.

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