Melding Art and Engineering with Shawn

Segment #6 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


All right, time to meet Shawn, a junior from Missouri majoring in architecture. Shawn’s love of the arts paired with the precision of engineering is what attracted him to RPI, but it’s the spirit of camaraderie in the School of Architecture that inspires him every day. You’re up, Shawn.

– I appreciate the introduction, Alex. What’s up everyone? Ever since I was a young child, I’ve always been invested in the built environment around us. When I grew up, I wanted to be an Imagineer at Walt Disney World. My dream college was one that invited the ingenuity of the arts with the precision of engineering. And what do you know, my dream came true when I discovered RPI. RPI boasts a diverse array of programs spanning five schools with one that I could proudly call my academic home, the School of Architecture. As a third year student in the five year architecture program, I’ve been immersed in the intricate world of architecture in my journey so far. The esteemed Greene Building, nestled adjacent to the iconic 86 Field, is a hub of architectural exploration and innovation. Guided by insightful professors and embraced by the tightknit school community, I found a nurturing educational haven where I’m continuously inspired by the best in the field. Within this vibrant environment, I’ve been introduced to the fascinating nuances of studio culture and I’ve gained a proficiency in the art of model making, engaging pin-ups, captivating visual displays, showcasing our work to professors and peers have been enlightening from envisioning abstract geometrical concepts to tangible structures that could be built. The spirit of camaraderie within the School of Architecture is unparalleled, with the shared commitment to mutual growth and success. As a part of the mentorship program, I help incoming first year students, guide them through the academic journey. In recent years, RPI’s influence has amplified my journey, offering abundant avenues for growth and achievement, from featured online projects to archived works in the School of Architecture. This past summer, an enriching intern experience at HKS, a global architectural leader, highlighted RPI’s role as a gateway to excellence and success. That’s my story. Back to you, Alex.

– Thanks, Shawn. You’ve really found your home at RPI. In addition to a design studio, a fabrication and a digital futures lab, the School of Architecture operates three research centers, and students can study in locations like Italy and Argentina. RPI’s architecture students are creating a beautiful and sustainable future. Thanks, Shawn.

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