Military & Veteran Services

Segment #13 from University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Let’s meet Michael. He’s a veteran majoring in hospitality. UNLV’s Military and Veteran Services Center is committed to supporting the needs of military members and their families. They have created a veteran-friendly campus environment and recognize that military members have unique needs as they transition to college. Michael, tell us about your experiences as a veteran here on campus.

Thanks, Alex. What’s up, everyone? As a veteran who proudly served over eight years in the Air Force, I found it difficult to transition back to civilian life. I knew I wanted to go back to school, but I just wasn’t sure how. That’s where the Military and Veterans Services Center at UNLV came in. I knew that UNLV is committed to veteran success, and the Military and Veteran Services Center at UNLV is a great resource for transitioning vets. They support dependent, military, and veteran students and have even received recognition as a top 10 military friendly school. Since I’m a little bit older than the average college student, I was a little hesitant about returning to school, but upon engaging with the veteran community, I felt a sense of belonging and can relate to many of the other veteran students. That’s when I knew that UNLV was the right choice for me. The Rebel Vets Organization is a nationally recognized student Veterans of America chapter, which supports camaraderie, strengthens community ties, and offers great networking opportunities. On top of this, eligible students at UNLV will receive priority registration, no out-of-pocket tuition expenses, and in-state tuition. Upon your first semester at UNLV, you’ll be signed a PAVE Mentor. PAVE stands for Peer Advisors for Veteran Education, and they help transitioning vets get accustomed to college life. Being a part of the Rebel Vets Organization has not only helped me get accustomed to college life, but they encouraged me to join the Air Force ROTC program with the goal of commissioning back into the Air Force. I’ve earned scholarships through ROTC that have helped me complete my flying hours and ultimately work towards becoming a pilot. I’m excited to see what the future holds. Now back to you, Alex.

Thanks Michael, and best of luck as you take to the skies. Knowing you’ll have the support of university staff and fellow military members makes a real difference when deciding to pursue a degree. At UNLV, the Military and Veteran Services Center will help you reach that goal. Take care.

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