Mizzou Families

Segment #18 from University of Missouri


Next we’re going to get a different perspective and learn why families love Mizzou. Meet Claire and Matt Adrian, two alumni who met at Mizzou and have had a close connection with the university ever since. I can’t wait to hear about this one. Take it away, Claire and Matt.

Thank you, Alex. It’s so exciting to share what Mizzou means to our family. We both loved Mizzou as students, so when it came time to help our daughters choose their college journeys, it was an easy choice. We met at MU and for over a decade we had at least one of our four daughters studying here. Now all of us are proud Tiger alumni. Mizzou is our family’s most magical place on earth, and Homecoming is truly a family holiday. The girls have been attending Homecoming since they were little, and even though they are now pursuing their own exciting careers in sales, healthcare law, and corporate recruiting, we still look forward to bringing the whole family back to Mizzou. We have quite a few universities within an hour of us, but we felt the opportunities and advantages that the Mizzou experience specifically offers were worth the investment to send our girls here. Education is twofold, classroom and social experiences. Mizzou is the whole package. The girls have been able to join nationally recognized organizations and travel abroad. They have all enjoyed their leadership opportunities like being on the Homecoming steering committee and they work jobs on campus where they’ve met students and staff they may not have otherwise met. The growth in each of them has been rewarding to watch as a parent. From the experience that your student has on campus to the education they receive, and the way that MU sets them up for career success, it’s no wonder that OU is ranked as the best value in Missouri and any of the surrounding states. We’ve seen our children thrive because of their time at MU, and we can’t wait to see how our Mizzou legacy continues. We’re hoping to get a few Tiger grandkids one of these days. M-I-Z Alex.

Z-O-U Claire and Matt, and thank you for inviting us along. While you shared your epic Mizzou story, it’s no wonder that families like yours love Mizzou. Thanks to the entire family and good luck with those future Tigers. 

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