Nursing Program

Segment #1 from The Catholic University of America


Let’s hear from Claire. Claire is from Fairfield, Connecticut, and is a recent graduate of Catholic University’s nursing program. Now she works as an emergency room registered nurse, where she puts her Catholic U education into practice every day. As a student, Claire also received valuable mentorship from peers and professors, which really helped jumpstart her career. All yours, Claire.


– Thank you, Alex. I always knew I wanted to find a nursing program and community where I could flourish. At Catholic U, that’s exactly what happened. Touring campus, I felt welcomed immediately, and I was able to meet with the undergraduate advisor of the School of Nursing who answered all my questions about the nursing program, ranked top 6% in the country. Catholic U provided me experience to prepare for my profession. As president of the Student Nurses Association, I helped bridge the gap between under and upperclassmen through a peer mentorship program, and I even studied abroad in their programs in Australia and Italy. Catholic U even has a campus in Rome where many students study for a semester. The Conway School of Nursing has a near 100% first time National Council Licensure Examination pass rate, which isn’t surprising after going through the program. Even though my first year nursing class had over 100 students, the professor learned each of our names and complimented me personally on my success. Most of my nursing peers are starting in critical settings and intense positions as new graduates. Catholic U’s hands-on instruction and experience prepared us to handle that level of care. I developed personal relationships with many of the nursing faculty who continue to serve as mentors in my profession today. After I graduated, I published my undergraduate work in peer mentorship in a nursing journal with the help of Catholic U faculty. After starting my career as an emergency room registered nurse this summer, I know without a doubt that I’m a better nurse because of the instruction I received at Catholic U as part of the Conway School of Nursing, and I’m very grateful for that, and I know my patients are too. Back to you, Alex. 


Thanks for sharing, Claire. It’s fantastic that you left Catholic University feeling equipped for working as a nurse, and you got to study abroad twice. What a way to make the most of your Catholic U experience. Take care.

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