ODU Global with Brandon

Segment #9 from Old Dominion University


Next up, we have Brandon, a second-year graduate student getting a master’s in lifespan and digital communications. From falling in love with ODU’s campus as a high school student to thriving as an online student and podcast producer, Brandon harnessed the university’s resources to pursue his passion and bring people together, Brandon.

– Thank you, Alex. I really hope you’re having a fantastic visit to ODU. It was the summer before high school when I first fell in love with ODU. At the time, I was attending a STEM residential program and absolutely loved exploring the campus and its wonderful resources. It’s only ironic that I now attend here as an online student. I am in my fourth year at Old Dominion University and I am now on my way to completing my master’s program. Being an online student, I have flexibility in completing my degree which allows for me to work and produce my podcast within my own schedule. Having spoken with over 100 guests on my platform, I love that I can use what I learn to help tell others’ stories. Just because I’m not on campus doesn’t mean that I can’t get involved. In fact, quite the opposite. I’ve been involved in countless organizations and leadership boards that helped make my undergraduate experience amazing. A fun fact about our university is that they have been doing distance learning for over 30 years. What’s even better is the devotion they put towards their students and alumni. As a student leader, I help advocate for online students to get involved and our Monarch community has been supportive all the way. As I always say, I’m on a mission to bring people together and my time at ODU has allowed for me to do just that. Thank you so much for listening to my story and back to you, Alex.

– Brandon, it’s evident that your time here at Old Dominion University has been filled with incredible experiences and opportunities. Your passion for storytelling and bringing people together through your podcast is remarkable. As you move towards completing your master’s program and beyond, there’s no doubt that you’ll continue to inspire others to make a difference in the world. Thanks again, Brandon.

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