Online and On a Mission with Maranda

Segment #10 from Eastern Iowa Community Colleges


Let’s all welcome Miranda, a second-year student who also works full-time as a paraeducator. Thanks to EICC’s online classes and programs, she’s getting the best of both worlds, hands-on work experience and a high quality education. Tell us more about how EICC’s flexibility is making your dreams come true, Miranda. Take it away.

– Thank you, Alex. Growing up, I always loved school and was determined to get good grades. My goal was college, but I put my plans on hold to help a family member in need. Finally, with encouragement from my parents, first-grade teacher, and help from a state grant, I was back in the classroom with hopes of having my own one day. Being a first-generation college student and working full-time as a paraeducator at an elementary school, I was terrified to start college and wondered, how would I fit it all in? EICC made my transition smooth. Thanks to concurrent enrollment classes I took while in high school, I was able to start my degree with 11 credits. For the courses I still needed, EICC provides a wide variety of online classes, and makes it easy to submit assignments from anywhere. That is why over half of EICC students take online classes. I’m earning my degree while I continue to gain the work experience I need for my bachelor’s in elementary education, and I’m showing my students it’s possible to work and attend college at the same time, which is very rewarding. I’m putting in the hard work, but I’ve had a lot of support too. My first grade teacher encouraged me to apply and pursue a state grant that helps paraeducators become teachers. EICC helped me, a nervous and unsure first-generation student, thrive in a college environment. I’m proud to say I have been on the President’s List three times, Dean’s List once, and was chosen to serve as a student marshal at commencement. EICC is the perfect place to start college. In this smaller community, you can take things at your pace and ease yourself into the next big step. Whether you take in-person classes or online like me, your instructors and fellow students will support you every step of the way. I hope you choose EICC. Thank you, Alex. It’s all yours.

– Your students are so lucky to have you, Miranda. It’s absolutely fantastic. You’re able to take your education and apply it to a job right away. Last year, more than 4,300 EICC students took a hundred percent of their classes online, earning a whopping 54,171 credit hours. It is clear, EICC has online learning down. Way to go, Miranda. Eastern Iowa Community Colleges offers an impressive range of experiences, programs and services, catering to high school students, recent graduates and adults returning to education. As the community’s college, their commitment to changing lives and building communities shines through the remarkable stories of these students. Thank you for sharing your stories of growth, determination, and success.

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