Online Nursing School Journey with Rebecca

Segment #9 from Touro University Nevada


Now let’s meet Rebecca, a nursing student who’s making a mark within her family history. Students follow all kinds of different paths to get here and Touro Nevada’s nursing program is mostly remote, meaning students can positively change their lives while keeping their zip code. Rebecca, let’s hear all about it.

– Thank you so much, Alex. Hi everyone, I grew up in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood in southern California. My mother and father never went to college and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a career, but I did know I wanted more for myself and eventually I found Touro University in Nevada. There are so many colleges offering online degrees, but Touro Nevada stood out because of their transparency. After much research, I enrolled in their registered nurse to bachelor’s of science and nursing program. I knew exactly which classes I was going to take, when and how much it was gonna cost. The faculty are so supportive. Even though it is all online, I never felt alone. If I had a question, I would email my professors and I’d get answers right away. I remember I was struggling with the community project and my professor got on the phone with me right away on a Sunday morning without hesitation and helped me through it. It was reassuring to know that I am in good hands and I will succeed, and yes, I did get an A on that project. I’m having such great experiences here. I earned my bachelor of science and nursing degree and also attended legislative days in the state capital to discuss healthcare issues. I was with other students from Touro becoming doctors, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. You see, I didn’t just choose a school, I chose a community and a family. My family is so proud. I’m getting my master’s to become a family nurse practitioner here at Touro and it only takes 20 months. I wanna work in the rural towns of southern Nevada and help the communities that have little access to healthcare. Well, that’s all about me. Back to you, Alex.

– Rebecca, thank you for showing how Touro Nevada provides different opportunities for working professionals to advance their promising career. You are an ambassador of belief showing the power it has to make a difference. That was fantastic. Thanks again.

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