Opportunities Abound with Millena

Segment #9 from The Universities at Shady Grove


Say hello to Millena, a UMBC senior on the USG campus. She is a dual psychology and social work major who’s gotten super involved in student life at USG and has jumpstarted her career through an exciting on-the-job field placement opportunity. Millena, the floor is all yours, please take it away.

– Thanks for that introduction, Alex. Hi everyone. My journey to USG began after I earned my associate’s degree from Montgomery College. I realized attending a state college and living in the dorms wasn’t for me due to the cost, so I looked into my options through UMBC at the USG campus. Double majoring in social work and psychology was an easy decision. Being close to home, I could take the bus or drive, and best of all, I doubled my chances of qualifying and securing scholarships from both UMBC and the Universities at Shady Grove. In the fall, there is a big event called USG Fest where students learn about clubs, organizations, and other services here on campus, and there are other events like the Student Appreciation Carnival in the spring, along with other opportunities to round out student experiences at USG. During my junior year, I was part of a prestigious fellowship program. I worked in DC for a summer at Mary’s Center where healthcare, education, and social services are provided to the public. I was also a student ambassador on campus and provided tours to prospective students and their families. The psychology program at UMBC has taught me so much about how our brains work and the social work program is excellent too. As part of my experience, I was matched with an agency for my social work field placement. My professors and field advisor prepared me to be successful in my internship and after just six months, I was hired and still work there as an activity leader for older adults with Alzheimer’s. Whichever university or a major you transfer into at USG, I promise you’ll not miss out on the college experience, the student life, or top-notch faculty, and don’t forget what I said, scholarships, scholarships, scholarships. Well, that’s my USG story, back to you, Alex.

– Fantastic, Millena. It’s so clear that you have truly figured out all of the value added benefits for students who chose to attend the Universities at Shady Grove Campus. All the best to you as you get ready to launch your career with the benefits of your dual degree from UMBC.

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