Opportunity with David

Segment #3 from Saint Vincent College


Let’s hear from David. He’s a double major in English and communication from Oakmont, Pennsylvania. Saint Vincent is a small college with big opportunities for students to explore all of their interests, both in and out of the classroom. Tell us more, David.

– Thanks Alex. Throughout my search for the right college, I wanted to ensure that my destination had the space and resources to both explore my longstanding interests and to develop new interests as well. I found this at Saint Vincent College, an institution overflowing with opportunity. Saint Vincent has over 50 majors and minors to choose from. I landed on English and I’ve had the chance to take classes in literature, creative writing, publishing, literary translation, and more. I’ve written for the student run newspaper, tutored in the writing center and became a member of the English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta, through which I’ve been able to present papers at conferences in Atlanta and in Denver. The chance to interact with like-minded enthusiasts from all around the country is its own kind of enrichment and is so valuable. Even outside of my discipline though, SVC has opportunities that accommodate a vast range of interests, from intramural sports and campus ministry retreats to academic research in the arts, there is something for everyone at SVC and more likely multiple some things. From passions to hobbies to curiosities, SVC has the platforms for all to be realized and explored. Saint Vincent College has granted me the opportunities to hone in on what I’m good at and develop and investigate new things, meeting a wide array of people along the way. SVC operates at this intersection of community and opportunity where you’re given the resources and platforms to carve out a unique identity for yourself while also being a part of something bigger than yourself. Back to you Alex.

– Thank you for telling us about the many opportunities Saint Vincent has given you to learn and expand your horizons David. Having the chance to foster current interests while also learning something new is such an enriching experience. Thanks again.

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