Our Students Come from Around the Globe

Segment #6 from Landmark College


Students come from all over the world to attend Landmark College, like Gabby, who originally came to Landmark from Perth, Australia. Gabby is a junior, majoring in life science, and she’s gonna tell us how her work as a campus ambassador has shown her why Landmark is known globally as a destination for students who learn differently.


– Hello and thanks, Alex. I’ve lived internationally my whole life in places such as London, Scotland, and Australia. I always knew I wanted to attend college in America but when looking at larger colleges, I was intimidated and worried I would be lost in the system. I always dreaded school, but when I found Landmark College, my academic concerns and anxieties were addressed and brought forward. I was always interested in working with people and learning a topic that is visual and a hands-on learning style, which led me to the love of human biology. At Landmark, I was earning my associate in life sciences and then transferred to nursing school. But I realized that wasn’t right for me. So I return to Landmark, a place I know and feel known by my friends, my professors, and my advisors. Being Campus Ambassador gives me the opportunity to meet prospective families and students from all over the world. Working with the Office of Admissions, I give tours to show all Landmark College has to offer and what campus life is like. People travel from all over the United States to come to Landmark, even from all over the world like me. We often sit on student panels at events like open houses and Accepted Student’s Day. We love sharing our personal stories of living with learning differences and how we’ve made it to college. Once I graduate with a bachelor’s in life sciences, I want a career that allows me to work closely with people to continue to grow and develop who I am as a learner and as an individual, just like Landmark College has taught me to. Have a banner day, Alex.


– Thank you, Gabby. Your role as a Campus Ambassador gives others a shining example of the warm and friendly faces they’ll encounter here on campus. Now, for those who prefer remote learning options LC Online offers a range of programs, including high school dual enrollment, College START, and online associate degrees.

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