Pursuing Many Passions with Ben

Segment #11 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Alright, let’s meet Ben, a senior Aeronautical Mechanical Engineering major pursuing dual minors in Architectural Acoustics and Music Performance. He’s thriving in a rigorous engineering program and still able to tailor his coursework to his personal passions and interests. All RPI students pursue coursework outside of their major to gain skills that complement their main area of study. Ben, you are up.

– Thanks, Alex, and what’s up everyone? I have a lot of different interests], so when I was looking into colleges, I wanted to go somewhere where I wasn’t just limited to my major. RPI has some of the best opportunities to balance my academic goals with my other interests. I always knew I wanted to continue music in college. RPI not only encouraged but required that I take classes in the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, or the School of HASS. In fact, engineers are required to take a HASS pathway where you can focus in anything from economics to game design to creative writing. I completed my pathway in music performance, which I was able to turn into a music minor by adding only one additional course, but I didn’t stop there. My advisor told me about RPI’s Architectural Acoustics program, which I thought was awesome, the science behind music. Even though this program is in the School of Architecture, there were no restrictions or prerequisites. And I enjoyed these classes so much, I decided to pursue a second minor in acoustics. What sets RPI apart is that all the classes I’ve taken in four different schools have all worked together. I’ve been able to apply the skills I learned in acoustics to my engineering courses, and engineering concepts to music, and the list goes on. RPI allows you to put a twist on your courses that lets you create a curriculum that truly interests you. Now, as a senior, I truly believe my education has prepared me to tackle anything in the world. At RPI, we’re more than just engineers. We’re artists, musicians, scientists, writers, business leaders, and architects, all at the same time. And with that, back to you, Alex.

– Ben, it’s incredible to hear about all the different areas of study you’ve had the chance to pursue as an engineering student. It’s awesome that RPI provides a multidisciplinary education and to hear how much you’ve gained from that experience. Thanks again, Ben.

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