Real-World Faculty

Segment #7 from University of Phoenix


 Let’s meet Tomas Leon at University of Phoenix Degrees aren’t just aligned to real world careers. They’re taught by real world professionals who averaged 28 years of experience in fields like business, healthcare and IT. This kind of expertise was exactly what Tomas was looking for in an MBA program. Let’s hear what he has to say about UOPX’s practitioner faculty.

 Gracias Alex, hello everyone across America. I grew up with humble beginnings in the barrio on the west side of Tucson, Arizona. I started a family early in life as I graduated high school and began pursuing my education as a student athlete. After overcoming many barriers to complete my bachelor’s degree as a first generation student, I wanted to earn my master’s degree. I looked around for different MBA programs and could not find one that reflected my circumstances in life and how busy I was. As a father of four, a husband, working professional, I was fortunate to be introduced to the University of Phoenix as these circumstances meant that a conventional university was not the realistic option for me. In addition, the flexible program allowed me to take classes and exams on my own time in my own terms. University’s curriculum is taught by faculty with extensive industry experience and expertise that has been instrumental to me in my career as a healthcare executive and social entrepreneur. In addition to industry knowledge and expertise, the university’s practitioner faculty know how to engage and instruct adult students. They created a collaborative learning environment and engaged me as a strategic partner in my learning. I remember traveling extensively for my job at one point and I was considering dropping out of the program. An instructor worked with me to develop a plan that not only kept me in the program, it helped me graduate on time. I’m a proud alumnus at the University of Phoenix and grateful for the opportunity that allowed me, as a third generation Hispanic American, to achieve my life and professional goals. It has allowed me to have a successful career as a healthcare executive, a social entrepreneur, an angel investor, and philanthropist. I am living the American dream. Back to you, Alex.

Wow, Tomas, what a story. No wonder more than 85% of surveyed students would recommend their instructors. They’re instrumental to student success. Thanks for sharing such a powerful story of perseverance. Take care.

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