Rebels Forever

Segment #20 from University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Okay, let’s meet Megan. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degree at UNLV and has been riding a wave of career success in the hospitality industry right here in the entertainment capital of the world. She’s gonna tell us how UNLV gave her opportunities that she could never have imagined and how she landed on the Las Vegas Strip. Take it away.

Thanks, Alex. Hi everyone, and welcome to fabulous Las Vegas. I’m a Las Vegas native and a career strip restaurant manager. Although I grew up under the neon lights, I had no idea my career would take me to so many wonderful places in my hometown. I began as a business major at UNLV with several elective classes left to take before graduation. I tried my hand at a cooking class where I found this deep well of passion for my school and my career. From there, I changed my major and met my lifelong friends. I enrolled in the Harrah College of Hospitality and also became a sister in the Delta Zeta sorority. Each week became more exciting than the last. It was an endless calendar of events, like participating in the UNLVino Wine Tasting event and attending Greek life socials. At the time, I didn’t realize I was actually networking with my future coworkers and interviewing for my new career in food and beverage. The people I networked with became my bosses and my friends became my professional peers. Looking back, I had no idea that UNLV was my springboard and the Las Vegas Strip was my playground. The connections between UNLV and the Las Vegas community are solid gold and the students have the rarest, most wonderful opportunities available to us. For me, these golden opportunities have included opening restaurants for Guy Fieri, Giada De Laurentiis, and now for Martha Stewart. I will always cherish my time at UNLV, truly a Rebel forever, and I can’t wait for you to come and check it out. That’s my story. Alex, let me know when I can make you a reservation.

Thanks, Megan. I will be in touch and I can see why you are a Rebel forever. You’ve had some amazing opportunities and experiences that were only possible at UNLV. It’s clear why the Harrah College of Hospitality is one of the top ranked hospitality programs in the entire country. Congrats on your many successes. 

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