School-Life Balance That Helps You Thrive with Christine

Segment #3 from University of Illinois


One thing you’ll hear over and over again about U of I students, is how balanced they are. Christine, a senior you’re about to meet over in the business instructional facility, is a perfect example of that. And that’s why she chose U of I in the first place. Christine is majoring in marketing with a minor in economics at the Geis College of Business, which was recently ranked the #8 undergraduate business program for public universities. So I’ll let Christine take it from here. Please Christine.

Hi, everyone. As I was applying to schools my senior year of high school, I knew I wanted the whole college experience that would challenge me academically but also let me explore all of my passions. It was a daunting task trying to find a school that was both the right fit for my major and had theater opportunities for non-majors. But somehow on a tour of U of I, I got a chance to fall in love with the business school and discover an amazing musical organization called Illini Student Musicals.

We have members who are from engineering, journalism, musical theater and even business. And we all come together with one goal in mind to put on musicals. Since I’ve been part of the organization, we’ve put on musicals like “Mamma Mia” and “Footloose”. Where I got to dance my butt off to an audience made up of parents, students, and even the community. Another way to make the school feel smaller is to join a sorority like I did. Between big-little reveal, where each new member is given a mentor, living in the house and recruitment, the traditions and fun never end. I know I’ve talked a lot about the social part of U of I so far, but this school lets me have the best of both worlds.

The Gies College of Business is a nationally ranked program where I’m studying marketing. The mix of creative and analytical courses have inspired me to pursue a major in operations and data. And I’m excited to say I’ll be working at Nielsen after graduation. One of the things I’m most proud of, was being chosen as a business 101 section leader my sophomore year. Basically I get to teach and mentor incoming business students about ethics and professional responsibility.

Through the business program, I even got to study abroad in Belgium. Which had been a dream of mine since freshman year of high school. My time abroad taught me way more than I’d ever expected. And I became friends with students from all over the world. You really can be fully immersed in your schoolwork and love your major while also explore so many more interests in your social life.

All of these experiences and activities are the real reason why I love this school. I’ve gained such a strong education, plus developed great life skills like meeting people different from me and finding people who love what I love. I know after I graduate, I will always work hard at my career while making time for my passions. And I owe that balance to this university. I think everyone deserves the complete college experience. So figure out what you love to do, find your people and never stop shouting I-L-L. It’s our turn Alex.

I-N-I! I am so glad that the U of I has given you such a complete and rewarding college experience, Christine and thank you for the lesson on how to show my Illini Pride too, cheers.

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