Stay Active at MizzouRec

Segment #7 from University of Missouri


 Let’s explore Mizzou’s outstanding health and wellness resources and how Tigers stay active on campus. Scott is a senior double majoring in parks, recreation, and sport, and fitness programming and management. I can’t think of anyone better to talk about wellbeing in fitness while he shows us around one of the best student recreation centers in the country, Mizzou Rec. Scott, you’re up.

Thanks, Alex. What’s up everyone? Throughout high school I played multiple sports and knew it was a big part of what I wanted to do here at Mizzou, but I didn’t know how that would work with my career goals. Thankfully, Mizzou helped me put it all together. One of the coolest things about being a Tiger is getting to enjoy what I think is the best student recreation center in the country, Mizzou Rec. It’s our 300,000 square foot fitness and leisure space featuring hundreds of pieces of cardio and weightlifting equipment, 10 indoor basketball courts, and even a lazy river. I started weightlifting my freshman year and quickly fell in love with fitness while playing intermural sports like sand volleyball, basketball, and flag football. It was a great way to meet people and make new friends. I loved it so much, I even got a job at Mizzou Rec working with people I now consider my Mizzou family. Decompressing is super important, so I take time in between class and work to relax in the sauna right here inside of Tiger Grotto. You can also take advantage of outdoor spaces throughout campus like The Quad or Stankowski Field. I love going for runs on Columbia’s trails. Another unbelievable experience I’ve had is working as a Mizzou men’s basketball manager. It’s allowed me to learn the ins and outs of D1 collegiate athletics, discover my passion for strength and conditioning, and provide invaluable leadership training. Being healthy and active at Mizzou hasn’t just been a fun way to experience college. It’s helped me discover what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. I’m taking classes towards my degree in sport and fitness programming and management, but I’m working in my field right now. It’s pretty amazing to know that I’m already gonna love what I do next. Go Tigers. Take it away, Alex.

Great job, Scott. Beyond these amazing facilities, Mizzou supports physical and mental health through the Counseling Center, Student Health Center, and Wellness Resource Center, which provide health related services and support academic success. We love that Mizzou has helped you transform your passion for health and fitness into a career path. Cheers, Scott. 

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