Student Leadership with Hunter

Segment #7 from Western Oregon University


Let’s hear from Hunter, a graduate student from Portland, Oregon. Western is a place for students to grow as leaders and offers many leadership opportunities. Associated students of Western Oregon offers incredible opportunities for students to grow in leadership. Tell us more, Hunter.

– Thanks, Alex. I knew I wanted to study to become a teacher so I could be there for my students, just like my teachers were there for me, so I decided to come to Western and study to become a math teacher so I can invest in my students’ future. The high quality math program at Western has allowed me to study many different areas in math while also preparing me for student teaching. Western also has incredible student leadership opportunities. The WOU Crew, Destination Western, Discover Leadership, and the Associated Students of Western Oregon University are among many campus organizations that foster leadership skills and are programs that I have been a part of. The highlight of my experience at Western is definitely serving within the Associated Students of Western. I’ve been working in student government now for about three years, starting off as their director of visual communications, then serving as their student body vice president, and finally getting elected as the student body president, being the first graduate student to ever hold that role. As president, I’ve been able to help plan many successful campus-wide events. I’ve served at the state representative for higher education, I’ve raised 500 pounds of food in one week, and have also helped start the process of campus-wide composting. Associated Students of Western is fully student run and funded. It is designed to represent students and is tasked with advocating for all student rights, coordinating programming, overseeing clubs, and representing student interests to continue to ensure students have a rich student experience. Something I struggle with is believing in myself. I often catch myself thinking, can I do this? Am I capable? My one piece of advice is to have the guts to never give up. Western helps you find your confidence and your ability to succeed, so come to Western and find yourself. Take it back, Alex.

– Hunter, thank you for illuminating the opportunities for students to get involved in leadership roles at Western and how the student government is vital to ensure students continue to have a rich college experience. Thanks again.

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