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Segment #3 from The University of Tulsa


It’s time to meet David, a biology major who’s minoring in media studies. David came to Tulsa from Cypress, Texas, and found new friends in the student organizations at TU. He’s gonna walk us through some of the offerings on campus, as well as clubs and activities he’s enjoying in between classes. You’re on, David.


– Thanks for the intro, Alex, and welcome to everyone watching. Before coming to college, I was homeschooled for my entire life, aside from preschool. Now, contrary to the stereotypes, I did have a few friend groups and activities throughout the week, ranging from debate to art. But as soon as I got to college, I knew I wanted to remain involved and that’s where the University of Tulsa stepped in. TU showed me just how invested they were in student activities by showcasing the diversity of clubs on campus. Through our yearly Activities Fair, held during the first week of classes, each of our student clubs brings a table out to the Old U and they show off what they do and how our freshman class can get involved. That’s how I got involved with TUTV, Peer Mentors, and the University Ambassadors. Each of these organizations gave me the opportunity to get involved with fun live streams every semester, weekly campus tours with prospective students, some awesome mentorship activities during orientation, and weekly news shows focused on events both in Tulsa and around the nation. Here at TU, you can get involved in anything. Our 200 total student organizations have focuses ranging from ice skating to scuba diving to animal welfare. But what’s even more awesome is if you and a couple of friends have a common passion, you can establish your own club on campus and receive funding from our student association. TU’s student organizations contributed more to my learning than I ever thought possible. I’ve been able to pursue my passions for media while remaining involved in student engagement and my focus in biology. So while it’s still really important to focus on your classes, getting involved in student life is going to grow you as a person and not just your knowledge base. Thanks so much for the time, Alex, now back to you.


– Wow, so many ways to get involved and explore opportunities. David found his fit at TU. And lots of students have started their own clubs after making connections on campus. Organizations offer so many ways to enjoy college life. Thanks for sharing your favorite ones with us, David. Take care.


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