Success Beyond Expectations with Bradley

Segment #1 from Eastern Iowa Community Colleges


Let’s meet Bradley! As a non-traditional student he knows how difficult going back to school can be, but he’s certainly making the most of his journey balancing work, family, clubs, and academics. Let’s dive into his experience and explore how EICC is helping him achieve his goals. Bradley, tell us more.

– Thanks, Alex. Hello, everyone. I was out of school for 14 years when I considered returning. Being a non-traditional student, I worried if I could do it and that I wouldn’t fit in. My husband, Corey encouraged me to try. At first, I didn’t feel like I was making connections until I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. Working with my chapter on service projects, building rock gardens, and planning our award-winning Boothday Festival, I discovered my passion is helping others. I love doing marketing, communications and event planning for PTK. I’ve won grants, written press releases and traveled across Iowa, Ohio, and soon Mississippi and Florida. In my time working with administrators, I’ve honed my skills and built new relationships. Here at EICC, there are so many opportunities to grow through student organizations and clubs. I’m a member of two honor societies and the TRIO program where I’m propelled to achieve academic success. I’ve been told that one of the best investments that you can make is in yourself. When the resource development office at the college had an opening for an executive assistant, I applied. I continue to build new skills, and my time here has given me confidence. I didn’t think I’d do well in class, but I did. I succeeded while balancing school, work and my family, which now includes a newborn son. I love that EICC’s slogan, the community’s college, is a moral decree they consistently live by. They consider the community and they plan for student success. They understand what we need to achieve our dreams. Whether you know what you want to do with your life or you’re still figuring it out, EICC has the tools to support you. Come. Be one of Iowa’s elite. Enjoy the rest of your visit, Alex.

– Bradley, you have an incredible family and an incredible story. So many people share your doubts of going back to school, but you’re a prime example that it is never too late, and we are so glad EICC was able to provide you support through programs like TRIO on your return to school. Congrats, Bradley.

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