The Aggie Ring

Segment #14 from Texas A&M University


Let’s meet Jacob, a senior business honor student who is here to tell us about his Aggie ring. More than 520,000 former students make up the Aggie network, and these Aggies are spread out all over the world. Students say when you see someone wearing an Aggie ring, you know you met someone with shared experiences and values. Go for it, Jacob.

Thank you and howdy y’all. Texas A&M is filled with a rich and vibrant culture, it is phenomenal. You’ll never find a university that has so many traditions and connections between people. One of my favorite Aggie traditions is Ring Day. Unlike any other university, nearly every student at Texas A&M will buy their class ring and wear that ring for life. The ring serves as an indication of trust and always starts a conversation. I’ve created friendships with Aggies in California, South America, and even the Middle East because I know that when I see an Aggie ring, I can trust whoever’s wearing it. I bet you didn’t know that A&M has a branch campus in Doha, Qatar, our Aggie culture is so welcoming that a fellow student invited me to go live with him and his family in Doha, Qatar for a week without even knowing me prior to asking. It’s stories like these that represent the welcoming atmosphere, even though the university is so massive. Growing up, football was always important to me, so when it’s finally time for game day here, it is incredible to be immersed in the experience with a 100,000 other fans. On game day’s campus and the surrounding community focused all of their attention on Kyle Field. Standing throughout the entire football game is a student section and watching the Yell Leaders who keep us pumped throughout the game, we create one of the most intimidating atmospheres in all of college football. From Midnight Yell on Friday nights to kick off and singing the war hymn, it is so much fun to know that I’m a part of something way bigger than myself. Texas A&M has molded my characters and values along with giving me a phenomenal degree in business honors. Because of this, I’m confident that any Aggie will be successful in whatever they choose to do. After graduating, I’ll be moving to Los Angeles, California to work a corporate job while also pursuing my passion of acting. Brother Alex, it’s back to you.

Jacob, how cool is it that your time in Aggieland took you across the world to Doha because of the connections you made right here? Thanks for sharing and thanks for elaborating on some of the other amazing traditions at Texas A&M.

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