The Arts with Todd

Segment #7 from Tusculum University


Let’s say hello to Todd, a junior History Education major from Greeneville, Tennessee. When it comes to the arts, Tusculum University offers a broad base of programs that enrich the personal lives of students. Many are academically based and lead to exciting careers, and others provide extracurricular activities for students that feed their creativity. Todd, the stage is all yours.

– Thanks, Alex and hey guys. When I was younger, I found a passion for the stage acting in school plays. After learning about the Tusculum Youth Actor Studio, it was curtains up for my theatrical journey here in Tusculum University. Even though I came to Tusculum as an Education major, I am extremely active in the Arts Outreach program. As a Tusculum Youth Actors mentor, I’ve combined my love for educating others and my love for the arts. I’ve performed in many Tusculum shows. Tusculum is committed to a diverse and expansive arts program for students and the community to enjoy. Our theater program blossoms with shows every year. We recently produced “The Glass Menagerie” right here on this very stage. There are two theaters here in the Annie Hogan Byrd Fine Arts Center. Each provides a different ambiance. Also in the building is the Clem Allison Art Gallery, which features pieces from students and local artists. Our creative writing program excels. We have two literary publications that empower student writers and editors to develop career skills and publish thought-provoking works. “The Tusculum Review” is an international literary journal where students collaborate with prominent authors. “Sit Lux” is an entirely student-created journal. At Tusculum, art leads to opportunity. Students have created a customized graphics package for the Mustang, branding for the university’s suburban, and a mural for the student lounge. We work with many nonprofits too. Tusculum’s art programs tap into a students’ creativity and bring that passion to life. Tusculum is a civically engaged school that enriches personal lives. My fellow pioneers and I have felt the support from caring faculty and staff, and have enjoyed the opportunity in expressing our creativity. Crafting my future here at Tusculum was nothing short of meant to be. Back to you, Alex.

– That was terrific, Todd. The arts are another way Tusculum practices civic engagement and provides active and experiential learning. Another interesting tidbit, Justin Philip Reed, a 2013 alumnus, won the National Book Award for poetry in 2018. Tusculum University is a great place for students to unleash their creativity. Thanks again for sharing.

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