The Graduate School Experience

Segment #8 from Jackson State University


The JSU community extends beyond the country, boasting students from all around the world. Audrika is a first year graduate student from Dhaka, Bangladesh majoring in geotech and environmental engineering. With a global vision, JSU’s international students play a significant role in internationalizing the state’s only urban research university. Tell us more, Audrika.

Thanks, Desi. I’m an international student from Bangladesh and I came here to pursue my dream to specialize in geotechnical and environmental engineering. Graduating from the best engineering university of my country, I want to apply my knowledge to solve real life problems. And that’s when I chose Jackson State, a university that provides its students freedom to explore new ideas. I instantly fell in love with JSU’s lab facilities and instruments which is a key inspiration for my academic growth. I was fortunate to participate and learn from the SWANA Conference as a member of my research group. I also got the chance to collaborate with ASCE, the engineering society for civil engineers. Being a part of Dr. Sadik Khan’s research group, investigating field problems and coming up with solutions to discussion has helped me enrich my knowledge a lot. The friendly and discussion-based coursework at JSU helps you prepare perfectly for facing your future with confidence and knowledge. My favorite event to date was Homecoming. The week-long festivities included a homecoming concert, rave party, family cookout parade, food truck Friday, and most amazingly, the Homecoming Game. The Music Department, home to the Sonic Boom of the South, is filled with amazing musicians. But what mesmerized me the most is that JSU provides a lifestyle with fast knowledge of cultural diversities. Here at JSU, I can say I’m living my dream right now. Apart from my academic interest, JSU is the epitome for international students to socialize with different cultures and nations. JSU has made me feel at home. The greeneries of the city encourages me to be an environmentalist so that I can contribute to the welfare of the society as I grow like a tiger. Now, that was my story. Let’s take it over, Desi.

Audrika, it does sound like you’re embracing that freedom to explore new ideas and live your dream. From researching and investigating field problems to coming up with resolutions with your peers, JSU is offering you the experiences necessary to fulfill your professional goal. Best wishes on your journey. 


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