The Graduate Student Experience

Segment #18 from University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Here to share her graduate student experience is Sonia. She’s pursuing her master’s degree in Hispanic studies and chose to study at UNLV because of the impressive graduate and professional programs. Working as a graduate assistant, she’s been mentored by faculty and getting hands-on work experience. Sonia, tell us what it’s like to be part of the graduate college.

Thank you, Alex. Hey, everybody, what’s up? I am an international student from Spain. I always knew that I wanted to study abroad, leave my hometown, and see where life takes me. So after getting my undergrad in Spain and the UK, I started to look for grad schools abroad, which led me here, UNLV. I learned about various grad school programs from my university in Spain and the USAC study book program. UNLV stood out because they offered more than 175 graduate and professional programs. It’s a really cool experience because I’ll be getting my graduate degree while also gaining teaching experience as a graduate assistant. On top of that, the opportunity to live in the entertainment capital of the world cannot be beat. There’s always events and concerts going on. Plus, to be able to live in such a diverse community, not only UNLV, but Las Vegas as well has been amazing. As a grad assistant, I assist with teaching and helping Spanish students meet their goals. It is an incredible opportunity to interact directly with the students and be mentored by faculty while in grad school. This has given me invaluable work experience and also it has taught me to be prepared for absolutely anything. The grad academy, part of the graduate college, has been important for my professional and career development. They offer workshops and events to widen my expertise, improve my leadership skills, and also provide me with networking opportunities. Right now, I’m going to career events and talking to future employers. I plan to keep building on my education and use all the skills that UNLV has taught me. I’ve made amazing connections with people here and not only career and business-wise. The grad college and UNLV has given me amazing experiences that I’ll carry with me wherever I go. So that’s my story. Take it away, Alex.

Wow, Sonia. Your graduate college experience sounds terrific. It’s great that UNLV provides its students with experiential learning and professional development opportunities. They’re so important when you’re setting your sights on the future. There’s no doubt you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.

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