The Nation’s Top Dorms with Brian

Segment #4 from High Point University


Say hello to Brian, a Senior Sports Management Major. He’s gonna tell us about those famous High Point University dorms consistently ranked among the top dorms in the nation, including the fourth best rating by the Princeton Review. It’s easy to explain why 95% of students choose to live on campus all four years here. Let’s go Brian.

– Thanks Alex. I had always known I wanted to get into the sports industry and I thought HPU was the perfect school to set me up for a successful career in a very competitive field. An important aspect of success in college is your living space and HPU offers some of the best residence life in the country. High Point University offers a variety of housing options ranging from apartment style houses to double occupancy shared facilities for both its freshmen and upperclassmen students. These facilities provide HPU students with an inspiring environment that makes them feel at home and provides them with the resources necessary to be successful inside and outside of the classroom. There are tons of exciting features in many of our dorms, including our most popular freshman dorm that features an arcade, movie theater, study rooms, workout facilities, and even a fine dining restaurant that all students can eat at. HPU dorms are very accommodating, even for freshmen. I still live with the same group of guys that I did my freshman year, so if you’re worried about living arrangements and making friends early on in your college career, I can tell you from experience that HPU provides you with great surroundings. High Point University provides students with unique housing options. For example, we have a tiny house neighborhood on campus, each tiny home houses one student with a loft, with a full size bed, a full bathroom, a galley kitchen, and a living area with a study desk. What’s not to love? Living on your own as a freshman isn’t easy, especially if you’re coming from somewhere far away like me. High Point University recognizes that students rise to the level of the environment that they are in and provides them with great facilities to excel and become more independent. Back to you, Alex.

– Wow, Brian, those dorms are crazy nice, especially those freshman dorms. Having all that as a freshman must be amazing. Those tiny homes are insane. Makes me wanna pack my bags and move right in. Thanks again, Brian.

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