The Original Hispanic Serving Institution with Antonio

Segment #1 from Western New Mexico University


It’s time to meet Antonio, a freshman studying music and a member of Mariachi Plata de WNMU, the state’s premier and only competitive university mariachi group. He can’t wait to tell us all about his passion for music and the scholarship he received that made it all possible. Antonio, the stage is yours.

– Thanks, Alex. In middle school, I fell in love with music. Since then, I’ve had a strong desire to learn more. Although I didn’t know what genre I wanted to pursue, I soon found my true passion, mariachi. And mariachi is one of the biggest reasons why I chose Western New Mexico University. Mariachi Plata de WNMU came to my high school and I grew to admire them and I wanted to be a part of it. Mariachi Plata has become very dear to my heart. They made me feel welcome when I first joined, and as time passes, I feel like I get closer and closer to my band mates. Mariachi Plata is a second family to me. And we get a lot of respect when we play for school events like the tailgated football games. The University’s investment in our group tells me that WNMU takes its role as a Hispanic serving institution seriously. I’m also part of M.E.Ch.A., a student group that fights for equal educational rights for all. We are one of the oldest organizations at WNMU and we are trying to become more known around campus. One of the biggest reasons I can attend WNMU is the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship, which offers free tuition to New Mexico residents making college accessible for first generation college students like me. I feel lucky to have the Opportunity Scholarship, which, along with financial aid, allows me to attend WNMU with no debt. This relieves a great deal of stress for me and my family, allowing me to enjoy my education and pursue my passion for music. Mariachi is a big part of my life and I’ve been blessed with some amazing opportunities like recently, performing on stage at the world renowned Santa Fe Opera House. Well, that’s it for me. I hope to see you in the audience soon, Alex.

– Thanks for the invite, Antonio. WNMU really allows you to be an ambassador for the university on stages all over the world. And with the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship, you can do it all while earning a debt-free education. What an amazing opportunity for New Mexico residents. Congrats, Antonio.

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