The Power of the Aggie Network

Segment #19 from Texas A&M University


Meet Sarisha, she’s a junior majoring in allied health and she’ll tell us how Texas A&M prepares students for life after graduation. The Aggie Network spans the globe with over 520,000 students having attended Texas A&M since its establishment. That creates a vast network to lean on as students transition into their careers. Sarisha, tell us more.

Thanks, Alex. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to come to Texas A&M after hearing what a great place it was for my father who studied here as well. At first, I was a bit nervous about what it would be like to meet complete strangers and work with them in projects and in organizations, but once I got here, I quickly learned there was nothing I needed to worry about. There is truly a space for everyone here. I have met so many nice, interesting and accepting people during my time here, and they have all worked to form a special environment at this school. And once you graduate from Texas A&M, you get to join the Aggie Network, our extensive alumni network. Aggie’s help other Aggies during and after our time here, and that is what the Aggie network is all about. I personally work in an area where I get to talk directly to former students who come from all over the world forming a vast web of Aggies. Over 500,000 people have attended A&M, and those former students are passionate about connecting with graduating students to bring them into their industries and communities. Most have benefited from the Aggie network in some way, whether that be through finding work or connecting with people they may have met. We also have a career center on campus which provides workshops, advising and so much more to help Aggie’s connect with future employers. Alumni, and current students, like my father and I truly know the quality of the education and friendships we have here and that allows us to be successful and help others who have been in or are in our shoes succeed as well. Well, that’s all from me, back to you, Alex.

Thank you for telling us about your experience Sarisha. It sounds like the Aggie network and the Career Center are invaluable resources for students at Texas A&M. The Career Center is also available to Aggies after they graduate, which is awesome. Take care.

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