The Premier Life Skills University with President Qubein

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Let’s meet High Point University President, Dr. Nido Qubein. Under his enthusiastic vision and leadership, HPU has grown from 90 acres to more than 500. They’ve added more than a dozen new academic schools, including dental medicine and law, plus HPU is focused on a value-based education that fosters the development of life skills. Here’s one of the most popular, engaged and forward-facing presidents you’ll ever meet. Take it away, President Qubein.

– Thank you Alex, and thank you for your interest in High Point University. This is a university that believes in you. Our call to action here is Choose To Be Extraordinary. You are born to be extraordinary, but you must choose to grow in wisdom too. You must choose to develop a growth mindset to thrive in an ever-changing global marketplace. We do that at HPU by instilling premier life skills in our students, because you want to be armed not only with a diploma, but also with awareness, wise judgment, and a set of values that will prepare you for a life that’s filled with success. We do this in so many ways on this campus from our amazing academic programs, professional and graduate schools, and state-of-the-art facilities to the way we treat our students with genuine authentic care. HPU has created an environment that inspires learning and inspires growing. Our faculty are ranked number one in our US News category for undergraduate teaching, and HPU is number four in the nation for best dorms by the Princeton Review, and number one for food, along with so many rankings and so many other distinctions, these are all important to your growth, and your maturity, and yes for your happiness. When you visit this campus, you’re gonna love it. We invest in creating this dynamic atmosphere because we’re focused on educating of course, your mind, but also your heart and your soul. HPU wants to ensure that you are not intimidated by life’s obstacles. Our graduates are ready to take on the world. Thinking about your future, you sometimes might get a little anxious, that’s understandable, but here you’ll have a personal success coach to help guide you through your first year in college. You’ll take a class led by me, and some of my highly accomplished nationally known friends. You’ll have access to state-of-the-art learning facilities, and through it all you’ll learn life skills, like coachability, adaptability, and communication just to name a few. These are the skills that will carry you far beyond your current trends in the marketplace. These are the skills that employers value. You don’t just want a college you’ll enjoy for four years, although that’s not all that bad. You want to enroll at a university that will prepare you for life. Come experience this extraordinary campus. High Point University is unique, it’s distinctive, and it’s designed from beginning to end to ensure that your life, your future, your career are nothing short of extraordinary. Now, back to you Alex.

– Thank you, President Qubein. Your story is incredible, and you have inspired so many others. This campus is extraordinary, and the transformation it has gone through is unimaginable. You are leading a university the way it should be. Thank you again.

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