The (Shared) Experience of a Lifetime

Segment #10 from Semester at Sea


Next, we’re gonna speak to Grace, a third year student studying journalism and mass communication at Arizona State. Where better to practice and learn the art of journalism than across three continents? Grace has an extra special story here today and all starts with her mom and stepdad. Grace, you’re up.

Thanks, Alex. My mom and stepdad met on “Semester at Sea” in 1993. Growing up, my entire childhood consisted of hearing stories of my mom’s voyage and how it made her a better person. To me, “Semester at Sea” was almost like a fairytale. I never thought it was something that I would be able to do, that it was my mom’s story, not mine. When I got to college at Arizona State University and decided to travel abroad, I knew that “Semester at Sea” was the only fit for me. Before getting on the ship, I talked to some alumni from past voyages. When I asked them what I should expect, they all gave me different answers. I asked my mom why this was, and she said it’s because each voyage is so unique. Now, I know what she means. “Semester at Sea” is such a unique experience that the only people who will understand it are the people on the ship with you. And that’s why the relationships that we make on the ship are so strong and long lasting. When I head back to my college for my senior year, I’m going to miss these experiences and all my new friends. But I also know that I’ll be taking them all with me. Now that I’ve taken my own voyage, my mom and I have this story and experience to share as well. I love the relationships that I’ve formed so far and I can’t wait to see how they grow and develop. That’s my story. Back to you, Alex.

No matter what semester you come aboard, there’s a common element to each voyager story. They build lifelong relationships that continue after the voyage is over. With stories like yours, Grace, and your mom’s, it’s no wonder “Semester at Sea” is still sailing nearly 60 years after its first voyage. Unbelievable. Thanks, Grace.

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