Transfer Student / Exercise Science (Academics) with L’Asia

Segment #4 from Shaw University


L’Asia took a slightly different path as a transfer student coming to Shaw University to major in exercise science. She has leveraged her access to faculty, along with the course curriculum, and close-knit campus community to learn about nutrition and to make improvements overall for her health and lifestyle. L’Asia, tell us more about your experiences at Shaw.

– Thanks, Desi. Hi, everyone. My journey began a bit differently, as a transfer student from a community college. Attending an HBCU was always my dream, but I knew I wanted to stay close to home. That’s when I discovered Shaw University. The location instantly captured my heart. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in the vibrant city of Raleigh, North Carolina, with the campus right in the middle of downtown? When I arrived, I had to navigate through some adjustments, but the faculty and staff embraced me as part of their family right from the start. I made use of the various resources available, such as the Career Center and the Math and Writing lab. Having struggled with tests in the past, I found tremendous help through weekly tutoring sessions. The Career Center also equipped me with valuable information on internships, jobs, and resume writing. As a mid-year transfer, my time in the exercise science program has been brief but fulfilling. I’ve learned about the nutrition intake needed to stay healthy, along with some medical terminology that I’ll use in the field. I’ve been able to translate what I’m learning in the classroom into my real life in such a rewarding way. I have already started to watch the labels of what I consume, and I am able to create my own workouts around the muscle group that I would like to focus on. Shaw University has already made me a better person in the short time of being here. I’ve formed connections, pursued internships, participated in pageants, and I’ve also engaged with employers at job fairs. The transition to Raleigh was a significant change for me, but Shaw University has become my second home. The relationships that I’ve built at this university will always be cherished. And I am grateful for the personal growth that I’ve experienced. Back to you, Desi.

– It sounds like Shaw University is her second home now and a place where life-long connections are made. Thanks for pointing out how important it is to build a community that nurtures and supports your dreams and success. We’re glad to hear that Shaw was the right move for you, L’Asia. We wish you the best.

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