Transfer Student with Matteo

Segment #7 from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


Being a transfer student can be a bit nerve wracking. This was true from MatTeo, a junior majoring in arts management and media studies with a minor in business administration from Huntley, Illinois. MatTeo found UWSP while exploring programs related to events Management. hE’s adapted to the Wisconsin lifestyle, absolutely loves hanging out with new friends and even landed an internship related to his new program. Let’s hear more from Matteo now.

– Thank you, Alex. When I was searching for a college, I knew I wanted to get into arts management and focus on event management. While I was here, I took a couple very cool media studies courses and realized I wanted a double major in both arts management and media studies. Being a transfer student from Illinois, I came here not knowing anyone. I was nervous at first, but after just one day, I found a great group of friends. UWSP is more of a quiet and friendly community. The culture and lifestyle in Steven’s Point may be different, but I’m so interested in learning more about people in Central Wisconsin. They’re also interested in learning more about me too. I’ve learned to adapt to the Wisconsin lifestyle and I’ve tried some things I never thought I would be doing. I have been ice fishing and I learned about the ways my friends grew up. My advice is to go out and try new things because learning about new cultures is always so interesting. I love how involved the university has been with my education. For example, I’ve interned with UW-Stevens Point Continuing Education Office and worked on various marketing projects. I used this internship to learn all skills necessary for my field and to see if this field is even right for me. Luckily for me, I loved what I did and know this is the right path. When I first arrived here, I had no idea if I made the right choice. After becoming involved with things like club baseball, internships, and just going to school events, I knew this was my home. I will forever be a Pointer and never regret the decision to choose this school. Love you, mom, and back to you, Alex.

– Thank you, Matteo. We are so glad UWSP is your home away from home. Your transfer story will help other students understand that they have a place at this wonderful university. Students looking to transfer can use the Transferology tool to see how their credits can transfer from over 68 schools. Cheers, Matteo.

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