Transition Confidently: Your First-Year Experience

Segment #3 from Ramapo College of New Jersey


Okay, everyone. It’s time to hear from Josh, a Computer Science major and a junior. Josh was worried about making the leap from high school to college, but he found comfort in the Peer Facilitators program and decided to pay it forward. Josh, please take it away.


– Thanks for the intro, Alex. Hey, everyone. As a junior Computer Science major and member of the men’s volleyball team, I’m so proud to be where I am today. None of this would’ve happened had it not been for my peer facilitators and orientation leaders during my first year at Ramapo. Going from high school to college is a big change, but I found my calling when I was introduced to my two peer facilitators during my first year seminar class. The first year seminar is a required course to help all first years get adjusted. Each class is assigned two peer facilitators who work weekly with the first years. During what we call Peer Time, my peer facilitators showed me all the great resources Ramapo has to offer. They aided me in tasks, such as creating my schedule, showing me where important offices are, most importantly, becoming a friend when I needed one. I decided I wanted to become a peer facilitator to give back to what the program had given to me. Ramapo really emphasizes the importance of welcoming a smooth transition to college. It starts from the moment you drive onto campus for orientation weekend and watch a bunch of current students head toward your car with giant orange laundry carts to help move you into your dorm. This welcome is just what you and your parents wanna feel. While most colleges have orientation leaders that guide throughout the summer, Ramapo has peer facilitators that guide transfers and freshmen throughout their entire first semester here. Being an orientation leader and peer facilitator has unlocked so many opportunities for me since I accepted the positions. I am no longer scared to speak in front of a crowded room, nor am I scared to be myself. It is the best feeling knowing I am able to help guide and change the lives of students who choose Ramapo. Well, that’s my story. What’s next, Alex?


– Josh, thank you for keeping it real. You’re right, going to college is a big transition. Parents can feel confident having peer facilitators like you and the first year seminar to help students feel welcome. It’s fantastic that becoming part of such an incredible program help Josh find his voice and the confidence to use it. I wanna take a ride in one of those move-in bins, too. Take care.

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