UAF Community & Technical College

Segment #9 from University of Alaska Fairbanks


UAF’s Community and Technical College offers certificate and associate degrees, occupational endorsements, and specialized training programs, developing workforce skills, and giving students the opportunity to advance in their professional careers. Oscar plans to be a firefighter, and is in the Fire Science Program. And he’s gonna tell us about his experience at UAF’s Fire Academy. Over to you, Oscar.


– Hey, Alex. Thanks for having me here today. It’s really great to represent my school and program in this way. Growing up in a small, outdoor-focused town, I’ve always had a love for the wide, open spaces and the outdoors. The University of Alaska Fairbanks Community and Technical College, or CTC, offers more than 40 one-year certificates or two-year associate degree programs in a variety of fields from applied accounting to welding. I joined the CTC Fire Science Program here at UAF which incorporates a career-focused education in an environment that is both beautiful and challenging. There are many bachelor degrees offered at UAF that compare with a Fire Science Associates Degree to build a career that is tailor-made for you. The UAF fire community and the Academy immediately welcomed me into the fold. I was surprised by how quickly some of the other fire cadets became my closest friends. I’ve also enjoyed meeting professionals in the borough who have partnered with UAF Fire to teach and participate in the Academy. This provides a cohesive base of learning throughout the entire borough, and I look forward to working with them out in the field. The supportive family dynamic of UAF fire community on campus, and the close-knit vibe of the university in general is similar to a small community I came from in Oregon, and has made this transition seamless. I look forward to continuing my journey here at UAF. The Fire Academy has set the stage for my future here, and no matter what, I’ll have this wealth of experience to help me move forward as a firefighter. This is my story. Back to you, Alex.


– Thank you, Oscar. And if fighting fires isn’t what you had in mind, UAF’s Community and Technical College offers programs in nearly every field including culinary arts, early childhood education, health fields, bookkeeping, paralegal studies, , aviation maintenance automotive technology, law enforcement, welding, process technology, construction management, information technology, and much, much more.

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