Baltimore City Community College

Baltimore, MD
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Public University|Community College

About Our College

Baltimore City Community College dates its origins to the "Baltimore Junior College" (BJC), founded as part of the Baltimore City Public Schools system in 1947 to provide post-high school education for returning World War II (1939/1941-1945) veteran soldiers and officers known as the Veterans Institute and was the inspiration of Dr. Harry Bard, its later dominant president and alumnus of the BCC. It was also one of the earliest examples of the growing "junior college" (also with some known as "city colleges" especially in California) an educational advancement movement which had roots in several early public high schools /secondary schools and small colleges and institutes in the post-Civil War (1861–1865) era and regained popularity at the beginning of the 20th century and has resulted in the growth of present-day "community colleges" in numerous cities/towns and counties all across America. This new type of college comprising the first two years of freshmen and sophomores with awarding an associate's instead of a bachelor's degree/diploma, was designed to serve and meet the academic and especially vocational and trade/job training of the intermediate needs between the high schools and large colleges and universities.

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