Hebrew Theological College

Skokie, IL
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Private University|Religious

About Our College

Hebrew Theological College (HTC) was founded in 1921 in the city of Chicago by Chaim Tzvi Rubinstein (b.1872—d.1944) and Saul Silber (b.1876—d.1946). Rubinstein, an alumnus of Volozhin Yeshiva, had arrived in the United States in 1917; Silber, a pulpit rabbi in Chicago, served as president of the school for its first twenty-five years.[2] They were followed by Oscar Z. Fasman (b.1946—d.1964), Simon G. Kramer (b.1964—d.1970), and Irving J. Rosenbaum. Don Well was president from 1981—1989, followed by Jerold Isenberg from 1989—2013. Shmuel Leib Schuman became interim CEO in 2013.

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