Little Priest Tribal College

Winnebago, NE
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Public University|Community College|Research

About Our College

The Winnebago Tribal Council, anticipating significant academic growth in Winnebago students, appointed a task to research and evaluate the higher education component of its total education plan. Part of this research was the studying of the general education and major programs at the then existing institution of higher education, Nebraska Indian Community College (NICC). The task force determined that the programs of NICC would not meet the needs of future Winnebago students. After exploring several options, the Winnebago Tribal College decided to withdraw from NICC and charter its own college as the educational arm of the tribe: Little Priest Tribal College. The college was named after Little Priest, the last true war chief of the Ho-Chunk people.[2] It began offering academic courses and community education classes in August 1996. In 1994, the college was designated a land-grant college alongside 31 other tribal colleges.[3]

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