Mesa Community College

Mesa, AZ
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Public University|Community College

About Our College

MCC was launched by Mart Godinez in 1963 as an extension branch of Phoenix College and was located at 809 W. Main Street in Mesa. There were 330 students registered for classes the first semester at Mesa Extension on September 11, 1963. John Riggs was appointed as the first president. Mesa students voted Hokams as the nickname for their athletic teams in 1964. Capital funds from the bond election in 1964 enabled Mesa Community College to purchase 120 acres, with an option to purchase an adjoining 40 acres, for the new campus at Dobson and Southern Roads in Mesa. The three building campus included a science building, student center and maintenance building. The buildings were designed by Mesa architects Horlbeck, Hickman & Associates and Tempe architect Kemper Goodwin, and built by Tibschraney Bros. Construction Company. In addition to the three permeate buildings portable buildings were used for the first several years, until the campus was able to expand.[1]

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