Yeshivath Beth Moshe

Scranton, PA
Student Size
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Private University|Religious

About Our College

Yeshiva Bais Moshe is an all-male school. It comprises a high school and a collegiate-level seminary Beis Midrash. About 80 students between ages 14 and 18 attend the high school, while about 50 students between the ages of 19 and 23 attend the seminary. While some students are from the local Scranton Jewish community, a majority of students come from across the country to study Talmud at the Scranton Yeshiva. It is a well-known institution with an academically high-level of Talmudic study. While Rabbi Schnaidman and Rabbi Bressler are the principal and Rosh Yeshiva of both Bais Medrash and High School, Rabbi Schnaidman focuses more on the Bais Medrash while Rabbi Bressler focuses on the High School.

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