TU Students & Faculty To Be Featured On ‘The College Tour’

TU Students & Faculty To Be Featured On ‘The College Tour’

By Ryan Gillin I Newson6.com

TULSA, Okla. – 

Students and faculty at the University of Tulsa are having the opportunity to showcase their Golden Hurricane pride in an episode of the award-winning TV series, The College Tour.

Students at colleges, universities, and community colleges across the nation share their stories with The College Tour film crew of what life is really like on campus.

A television production crew has been following students around the University of Tulsa’s campus this week to highlight their experiences for an episode of the College Tour.

The goal of the television series is to expand options for prospective students and their families, who may not be able to afford to visit every school nationwide.

Alex Boylan, the creator and host of The College Tour, created the show to make college more accessible for everyone, and the admissions process less stressful.

“Now high schoolers can see a sneak peek into college life and think, ‘Oh I want to be an engineer,’ or ‘I want to be a lawyer.’ Hopefully we can increase high school graduation rates, and students going on to college and university,” Boylan said.

Every episode aims to feature a diverse group of students with varying backgrounds and interests, academically and socially.

Due to college tours being expensive and time consuming, the University of Tulsa’s admissions department looks forward to being featured.

“One of the biggest problems we have is that it’s sometimes hard for students to get to campus and our campus is so amazing, it’s so full of life, it’s beautiful to look at, so this is going to be an opportunity for students that can’t just hop on a plane and come visit us in Tulsa to be able to see what we’re like,” Patricia DeBolt, the dean of admissions, said.

The College Tour is streaming on Amazon Prime.