UC takes center stage in Amazon Prime series

UC takes center stage in Amazon Prime series

Meet the students and alumni behind UC’s episode of ‘The College Tour’

By Jac Kern, UC News I January 19, 2022

The University of Cincinnati is ready for its close-up.

Amazon Prime series “The College Tour,” which highlights colleges and universities around the country, features UC in its upcoming season. UC’s episode premieres Feb. 8.

How to watch

Watch the full episode and learn more at uc.edu/college-tour.

In each episode of “The College Tour,” high school students and other viewers can virtually travel across America for an inside look at colleges and universities. Hosted by “Amazing Race” winner Alex Boylan, each episode of “The College Tour” highlights an institution through the eyes of its students, faculty and alumni, providing prospective students with an authentic look at life on campus.

The College Tour | Teaser Trailer

Filmed in July 2021, UC’s episode is a crash-course in being a Bearcat, starring a few of the university’s best and brightest students and alumni. Some are lifelong Cincinnatians, others are from across the globe. But they’re all excited to show viewers why they’ve called UC home: From its beautiful spaces and state-of-the-art facilities to co-op and campus life.

Meet the UC stars

April Gable ’23Full Gallery 

Major: Communications and Interdisciplinary Studies
Hometown: Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio

As undergraduate student body president and a featured twirler in Bearcats Bands, April Gable has experienced the spirit, rUCKus and excitement that UC’s campus has to offer. She calls the opportunity to appear on “The College Tour” an incredible experience.

“I honestly felt like a UC celebrity getting to work with such a talented crew and friendly student extras,” she says.

In April’s segment, she brings viewers to historic Nippert Stadium, the setting for one of her favorite UC memories: The Bearcats’ 2021 AAC Championship football game.

“After the sold-out crowd of alumni, students, staff and so many others stormed the field, I stood in the stands with the UC Bearcat Bands smiling ear to ear as we played the alma mater and fight songs,” April recalls.

“I have never felt such humbling and overwhelming excitement in my life — I was frozen in time watching a scene from a movie. I couldn’t help but feel overcome with emotion and pure pride that I attend the greatest university there ever is or was.”

Read a Q&A with April Gable.

Miles Spearman, ’23Full Gallery 

Major: Music and Marketing; Media Production minor
Hometown: Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, raised in Youngstown, Ohio

As a high school senior, trumpet player Miles Spearman was accepted to 14 different universities around the nation. What made him choose UC?

“I knew I wanted the whole college experience,” Miles says, “meaning a university that would encourage professional and creative growth, while also allowing me to combine my passions — business and music.”

At UC, Miles says he’s gained the skills to become a competitive candidate for opportunities around the world. 

He’s interned with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, interviewing Grammy award-winning conductors and artists and helping produce free digital concerts. Nationally, he’s worked with JPMorgan Chase & Co. as an Advancing Black Pathways Fellow, where he was introduced to the fast-paced environment of a corporate business. Now, he’s working with the global distribution department at NBC Universal as an international marketing and publicity intern, promoting their world-renowned television shows and blockbuster films across the globe. 

Miles was happy to share his story in “The College Tour.”

“They started by asking us what we thought was most important to share about the University of Cincinnati,” he says. “They leaned into telling an authentic story from the UC student’s perspective.”

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Camryn Morrow, ’22Full Gallery 

Major: Human Development and Community Engagement
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Darwin T. Turner Scholar Camryn Morrow found her community at UC in the identity-based centers, offices and student organizations around campus.

“The pride I feel when I walk into these places and can say, ‘This is my home,’ is indescribable.”

Camryn highlights some of these places in her segment, including UC’s African American Cultural & Resource Center and Office of Ethnic Programs and Services, which she says have been “vital spaces” for herself and other students. She even got to bring some of her friends along for the ride.

“I was so excited to be a part of ‘The College Tour’ and have the opportunity to showcase some of the aspects of UC that mean the most to me,” she says. 

“I have witnessed the power of belonging and have thrived in UC environments that promote diversity, inclusion and empowerment.”

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Bryce Gray, ’21

Bryce Gray portrait

Major: Organizational Leadership
Hometown: Greenfield, Indiana

When Bryce Gray began looking at colleges in high school, he knew he wanted to leave his small hometown for life in the city.

“I wanted an adventure,” he says. “This was my opportunity to branch out.”

The freshly minted alumnus served as both a campus ROAR Tour Guide and an orientation leader during his time at UC. 

“I remember the college search being an exciting time for me and I wanted to help new students picture themselves at UC and decide if it would be a good fit for them,” he says.

In his segment, Bryce also shares about the volunteer work opportunities he had as a student.

Bryce is now pursuing a career in higher education, he says, “so I can keep impacting the next generation of college students who will no doubt push us all forward!”

A’Jiana Birchmore, ’21Full Gallery 

Major: Criminal Justice and Political Science
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Recent graduate A’Jiana Birchmore knows UC student life. She’s been active in the African American Cultural & Resource Center and United Black Student Association and served as a mentor and and a campus tour or “ROAR” Tour Guide. 

“More than anything, campus spirit and UC’s sense of community have made me a die-hard Bearcat,” A’Jiana says.

For her segment in “The College Tour,” A’Jiana takes viewers around UC’s Uptown and East campuses, highlighting spaces like Sigma Sigma Commons and the 1819 Innovation Hub.

“I chose UC because it’s a global leader in experience-based learning, offers a top tier education and numerous opportunities post-graduation; and it has provided me with a true home away from home,” she says. “UC ensures that everyone has space to be unapologetically themselves.”

Grace Hertlein, ’20Full Gallery 

Major: Graphic Communication Design and Spanish
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Grace Hertlein is Cincinnati through and through: It’s not only where she was born and raised, but where she went to college and started her career.

“My enthusiasm for UC has only grown since I graduated in 2020, so I was thrilled to be able to share that with the film crew and eventually with everyone who watches the show,” Grace says.

Grace works at Cincinnati-based consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble as a design manager for fabric softener Downy, alongside some UC alumni, and is even engaged to a fellow Bearcat. So it’s fitting that she spotlights the Queen City in her “College Tour” segment.

“The cast and crew for ‘The College Tour’ worked so hard to bring you stunning views of campus and other beautiful places around Cincinnati,” she says. “It’s so worth watching, even if you’re already a Bearcat.”

Read a Q&A with Grace Hertlein.

Alejandro Diaz, ’22Full Gallery 

Major: Information Systems and Finance
Hometown: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

When Alejandro Diaz first learned about UC, it was love at first sight — or love before sight.

“I actually confirmed enrollment and signed my apartment lease before I ever stepped foot in Cincinnati!”

It was UC’s nationally-ranked programs, such as co-op, that sealed the deal for Alejandro, which is the subject of his “College Tour” segment, “We Rank.” Through co-op, Alejandro has completed two internships working in finance, accounting and investments at local companies.

“These experiences have enabled me to apply the concepts learned in class to a real and professional role,” he says.

“It was an honor to be part of ‘The College Tour,’ an amazing Amazon Prime TV show. The process was very smooth and professional; I felt like an actor being in front of the cameras.”

Carlo Bronzie, ’25Full Gallery 

Major: Economics and Finance
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

UC’s co-op program swayed Carlo Bronzie to stay in his hometown for college; now he’s earning while he’s learning in his own backyard and beyond.

“I was initially hesitant to stay in my hometown because I’ve always wanted to experience other places around the country and across the world,” Carlo explains. Then he learned about co-op.

“I realized that I could have a number of opportunities to do internships out-of-state because experience-based learning is ingrained in the curriculum here. After learning about UC’s focus on co-op and real-world learning, the decision was pretty obvious.” 

In his segment of “The College Tour,” Carlo shares some of his favorite places to work and play on campus, from Langsam Library, McMicken Commons and Tangeman University Center to Center Court, On the Green and the Campus Rec Center.

Jasmine Shaban, ’23Full Gallery 

Major: Industrial Design
Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon

International student Jasmine Shaban says UC found her when she really needed it.

“My home country was met with political and economic unrest that left my educational future and potential in a state of uncertainty,” she says. 

A graphic design major at the time, Jasmine was searching for a program abroad that would open doors for her in the future, and all signs pointed to UC.

Before she knew it, she went from living with her parents to living by herself in a different country — but she was never alone.

“At such a volatile time in my life, UC’s international office was very supportive and considerate,” Jasmine says. “They made the process less stressful and truly made me feel welcomed. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for their kindness that has even remained consistent to this day.”

“No matter where you’re from, we’re all united by our love for learning and curiosity. UC has truly helped me foster that and it keeps me wanting more. A college education is more than learning skills for a job, it’s learning about yourself and following your intuition, all to make you the best version of yourself possible.”

Anndréa Moore, ’10Full Gallery 

Major: Marketing and International Business
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Anndréa Moore may have graduated more than 10 years ago, but she’s still an active Bearcat — a fact she happily shares in “The College Tour.”

“Attending UC was a life-changing experience,” she says.

As a student, Anndréa combined her analytical and creative interests by studying marketing and international business. She had done a co-op with The Nielsen Company doing marketing research and analytics for consumer goods companies, including Procter & Gamble and Purina. She ultimately joined The Nielsen Company full time as her first job after graduating from UC.

Now the head of product marketing for Meta, Anndréa says UC truly prepared her for her career.

“My professional day-to-day closely resembles one of my favorite classes at UC, the Live Well Collaborative course, which brought together business, engineering and design to build products for the over-50 set,” she says.

What’s Next?

Watch “The College Tour” and learn more at uc.edu/college-tour.