The Boys Of 98′ With Second College Tour “BUZZIN ACROSS AMERICA SZN 2”

The Boys Of 98′ With Second College Tour “BUZZIN ACROSS AMERICA SZN 2”

By Boys of 98, CISION PR Newswire I May 11, 2022

The Boys Of 98’ With Second College Tour “BUZZIN ACROSS AMERICA SZN 2”

Social Media Brand Sets Across The Country In Round 2 Of Their College Tour

NEW YORK, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The international social media brand “The Boys Of 98′” yet again completed a college tour, this being there second. Taking the United States by storm, capturing the eyes of college students alike all over the country.

The Boys Of 98′ focused on making their journey with each week having a different school and destination, initially during the first tour the season was football; the focus would switch to basketball. The list of schools and locations for the tour is as follows: San Diego State, University of Arizona, Arizona State, Nevada Reno, Oregon, and Washington State. Throughout season 2 of the tour the social media brand and group focused on hosting a bar night at the most glorified spot for each college town. Not only did this draw a huge crowd, but gave a chance for The Boys Of 98′ to interact with their ever growing fan base from across the country.

Matthew Cianci, Christian Camarata, Stefan Rebello, and Matthew Maccarone who make up The Boys Of 98′ set out and expanded their journey to schools that were missed during the first tour. This would enable the group to interact and be “a part of the school life” for the time at each location. Matthew Cianci, Christian Camarata, Stefan Rebello, and Matthew Maccarone were able to attend Greek life events, school athletics, school events, and be a part of the daily student life bringing the party crazy spirit to every school. Throughout the whole tour the brand was sponsored by BetOnline and other large companies relating to the fan base.

The main goal of the tour according to Christian Camarata is to interact with fans while also filming content for the world and followers to see “to be able to visit each school, and share the whole experience is truly electric” Camarata says. Although basketball season is not as “electric” as football season, there were plenty of Greek life and social events for the brand to interact with, be a part of, and document for all to see.

It seems the fun never ends with The Boys Of 98′, and that is the main goal. The social media group continues to bring exhilarating energy to millennials all over the United States, and world. The group continues to grow at an exponential rate, and has very big plans for their brand going forward. One of which includes collabs with A-List influencers and groups. Do you want to see The Boys Of 98′ in your town?

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Christian Camarata

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SDSU featured on season four of ‘The College Tour’

By SDSU Marketing & Communications, The Brookings Register I May 11, 2022

 Screenshot from Host Alex Boylan is shown in this screenshot from “The College Tour” episode featuring South Dakota State University, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Season four started Tuesday on Amazon Prime Video

BROOKINGS – South Dakota State University is featured in season four of “The College Tour,” a TV series that is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

Hosted by “The Amazing Race” season-two winner Alex Boylan, “The College Tour” was created to empower high school students to virtually tour colleges across America from the comfort of their own homes.

SDSU’s episode, which can also be seen on and, highlights the campus and overall culture from the students’ perspective. From academics to sports to college traditions, viewers can virtually visit South Dakota State as they’re making the important decision of where to apply and finally, where to attend. “The College Tour” makes viewing life as part of the Jackrabbits family accessible to all possible candidates.

Ten individuals, ranging from students to alumni, take time to talk about what makes SDSU a place to visit and attend.

“Hearing what makes South Dakota State University special through the eyes of actual students is important to all of us at State,” said Mike Lockrem, director of University Marketing and Communications. “We have heard from many students about how important a campus visit was when deciding on where to attend, so furthering the opportunity to showcase SDSU is a great opportunity. We know the college search process is changing, and it’s important to reach prospective students where they are today.”

Boylan, executive producer and host, said “Selecting a college is a monumental decision in a young person’s educational journey and this episode will give prospects a firsthand look at what makes South Dakota State University’s culture so special. And most importantly the story of the college is told through the authentic lens of its students.”

Season four of “The College Tour” is now on Amazon’s IMDb TV and all episodes are available on the show app and on

About ‘The College Tour’

“The College Tour” is a series created to empower high school students to virtually travel across America for an inside look at colleges and universities. The series is produced by award-winning producers Lisa Hennessy, Boylan, Burton Roberts and Mike Murray and hosted by Boylan. Each episode highlights a college or university through the eyes of its students, faculty and alumni, providing prospective students with an intimate look at life on campus beyond what is written in brochures or websites. 

“The College Tour” is available on Amazon Prime Video, IMDb TV and across “The College Tour” platform including its own mobile app and

USI’s episode of The College Tour coming to Amazon Prime Video May 10

By University Communications, USI I May 9, 2022

The University of Southern Indiana’s episode of The College Tour will be available on Amazon Prime Video as part of season four of The College Tour beginning Tuesday, May 10. The 30-minute episode will be available to 200 million potential viewers via Amazon Prime Video and a variety of additional streaming platforms.  

Hosted by The Amazing Race season two winner Alex Boylan, The College Tour is a powerful series created to empower high school students to virtually tour colleges across America from the comfort of their own home. 

“Filming on campus was a great experience, and the students, alumni and everyone I interacted with made the University of Southern Indiana feel like home,” says Boylan. “The inviting campus is beautiful, and the exceptional USI community was a pleasure to work alongside.” 

 USI’s episode features 10 USI students and their unique experiences as Screaming Eagles:  

  • David Bradley ’22 – USI History and Location 
  • Elissa Tam ’22 – Academic Excellence 
  • Cole Stephenson ’22 – Finding Your Wings 
  • Perci Hale ’22 – Arts and Culture 
  • Diego Castillo ’21 – Housing and Residence Life 
  • Josi Barscz ’22 – Experiential Learning 
  • Tyler Henry ’22 – Student Life and Student Organizations 
  • Kaylee Johnson ’20 M’22 – Athletics and School Spirit 
  • Blake Whitehouse ’22 – Campus Culture 
  • Tori Beasley ’22 – Online Learning 

Season four of The College Tour is now available on Amazon’s IMDb TV, and all episodes are available on The College Tour’s app and on 

USI’s episode and individual student segments can also be viewed at

Helping Prospective Students See Themselves on Campus

By Mary Krate, Inside Higher Ed I May 2 2022

MONTCLAIR, N.J. — Jennifer Burlage of Clinton was one of 18 students selected to participate in an episode of “The College Tour,” With some students not able to make it to campus for an in-person tour, colleges must ensure their virtual tours offer a clear sense of what the campus is like, says Mary Kreta of the University of Montana.

A male student tour guide addresses a group of prospective students.
As University of Montana officials know, prospective students want to hear from current students when they visit a campus.

Coming off a decade of enrollment decline, it was clear that the University of Montana needed a new admissions strategy from top to bottom. While there was plenty of work to be done, one area we wanted to focus on was the university’s campus visit experience, including the virtual tour.

Between the pandemic and the many prospective students and parents in rural areas of Montana, we wanted remote visitors to be able to get a sense of the campus that highlighted its vibrancy, something they were not getting in the old virtual tour on our website.

According to a Student Voice survey conducted by Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse with support from Kaplan, a majority of students say virtual campus tours should include videos of residence halls, dining halls and classrooms, but many students who have taken virtual tours report not seeing these vital components of campus life. Another alarming statistic from the survey is that 55 percent of students also want virtual tours to include interaction with a student tour guide, but only 16 percent of students who took virtual tours reported having a one-on-one interaction with a student guide.

The survey also points out that students make their decisions to enroll based on academic programs and financial considerations. We know that our campus tour needs to highlight all aspects of being a student at UM.

Jeff Kallay, national campus visit expert and senior vice president of enrollment consulting at the higher ed firm Echo Delta, says, “The most important part of the virtual tour is what is most important to [students]: housing, food on campus, wellness and the facilities or academic interests. Ideally, a great virtual tour would survey each viewer and then offer up a personalized tour route based on what matters most to them.”

There was one more thing we wanted to take into consideration: 40 percent of our students are first generation, and over 7 percent are Native American, so making these tours equitable and valuable to all students was at the top of our list.

Revamping Our Tour

With all this information, we sat down to revamp our virtual tour by looking at the hierarchy of our students’ needs. We also partnered with The College Tour to provide another way for students to meaningfully connect with our campus from afar.

Our guiding light when creating the tour route, writing scripts and working with our student guides was the need to meet prospective students’ needs rather the impulse to show them what we wanted to highlight. A team of people in admissions and marketing built a student-focused tour and gathered feedback from our students throughout the process. Their unfiltered feedback on the script and on shooting locations led to numerous changes in the way we talked about our campus and how we highlighted our strengths.

Stephanie Geyer, UM’s director of digital strategy and innovation, recalls a student named “Zachariah Rides At The Door, [who] rewrote his script to start and end in his Blackfeet language, which made the segment much more compelling and authentic.” To date, this segment is also among the most viewed.

By coordinating these efforts and embedding some of the clips into our virtual tour, we created opportunities for engagement. We launched the tour in March 2022, and early numbers show higher-than-average visitor numbers and an inquiry rate of 14 percent.

Renewed Focus on In-Person Tours

While a large focus was on launching a high-quality virtual tour, we also revamped our on-campus tours and events, focusing on the overarching experience the students and their families have on our campus.

As the Student Voice survey points out, 56 percent of respondents visited campus in person, versus only 7 percent virtually. This high percentage of in-person visits is particularly exciting because it has helped to motivate robust conversations about how we personalize each visit and event.

Our newly implemented admitted-student event—Go Griz Days—celebrates our students’ accomplishments and facilitates new friendships through activities with other admitted and current students. The traditional focus on completing tasks necessary to register has moved online, because we want students to experience the components of campus life that truly drive their decision to enroll, not what the institution needs to get them to commit.

Students don’t want to hear from admissions officers; they want to hear from other students. They need to know about the academic program, but they also need to know about where they will eat and sleep.

Many of the first-generation student respondents to the Student Voice survey still made the trip to campus. This means we have a responsibility to ensure our campus visits speak directly to their accomplishments and concerns. It also tells us we need to rethink how we’re inviting first-generation students to interact with our virtual tours.

Campus visits in all forms are still foundational to the college search process, but we need to evolve. In an era when students can get a quality college degree online, we need to show them what they gain by coming to our campus. Students don’t want to hear from admissions officers; they want to hear from other students. They need to know about the academic program, but they also need to know about where they will eat and sleep. We are not simply transforming tours, we’re respecting students and working alongside them to help them see themselves as part of our campus community.


Mary Kreta is vice president for enrollment management and strategic initiatives at the University of Montana.

The Higher Ed Marketer I April 25, 2022

Filming ‘The College Tour’ at Jacksonville University marks homecoming for host Alex Boylan

By Emily Bloch, The Florida-Times Union I April 11, 2022

Gathered outside behind the Howard Administration Building, about two dozen students wearing Jacksonville University shirts and big smiles awaited cues from film director Bob Jury. 

He waves his hands animatedly and calls out, “We’re rolling, big enthusiasm, here we go.” It marked day eight of filming for the school’s feature in “The College Tour,” an Amazon Prime series that spotlights colleges and universities around the country. 

For the show’s host and executive producer Alex Boylan, this episode marked a special homecoming. Boylan is a JU dolphin himself, graduating in 1999.

“Coming back to film my alma mater, words cannot describe it,” he said. “JU has made me who I am to this day. Some of my best friends are students I went to college with. It’s been so meaningful.”

Boylan created “The College Tour,” which is now filming its fifth season, out of necessity after struggling to tour college campuses with his niece during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The mission is to tell the story of college education,” Boylan told the Times-Union. “How do you do that with 2,500 campuses across the country? We try to be as diverse as possible [with a range of campus sizes and student populations].” 

Other Florida schools featured on ‘The College Tour’

Jacksonville University is a private, liberal arts university with a population of about 4,000 students. Other Florida schools featured on “The College Tour” include Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, the University of Central Florida and Florida Tech. 

Boylan describes the episode’s production as a collaborative effort between the school and his team. 

“This is a six-month process to make one episode,” he said. “There’s two months of pre-production with teams meeting weekly, then on-location for almost two weeks and then post-production for two months. Then marketing and distribution — it’s a journey … we’re just finding great stories and bringing them to you.” 

What to expect from The Jacksonville University episode

The Jacksonville University episode will feature a range of mini-profiles on current students, school leaders and alumni, all in the hopes of portraying a school’s vibe through viewers’ screens. 

Students to be featured on this episode of “The College Tour” include a star lacrosse player, a sailing student with Olympic potential, a violinist, shark researcher and student organizers. 

Sommer Kinsler, 19, is a freshman at JU who is being featured in the episode. She singlehandedly organized a Black History Month celebration this year on campus that has been lauded by school leaders. 

“She wanted to do all the things and here she is. She hit the ground running at JU,” said school spokeswoman Laura Phelps. 

Jacksonville University is a private, liberal arts university with a population of about 4,000 students. Other Florida schools featured on “The College Tour” include Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, the University of Central Florida and Florida Tech. 

Boylan describes the episode’s production as a collaborative effort between the school and his team. 

“This is a six-month process to make one episode,” he said. “There’s two months of pre-production with teams meeting weekly, then on-location for almost two weeks and then post-production for two months. Then marketing and distribution — it’s a journey … we’re just finding great stories and bringing them to you.” 

As the group works on filming the episode’s intro and outro segments, Boylan chats with students. Show producers remark how he’s needed to do fewer takes than usual. He says it’s because this episode is personal and that he practiced the script 10 times more than he usually would. 

“I’m usually on location two-to-three hours and out. This week, it’s been eight days,” he said. “It’s fun seeing the students and seeing them get nervous about being on TV. I just tell them ‘you’ve got this. It’s going to be weird, a bunch of people staring at you. But it’ll be great.'” 

He adds, “that’s the key to television — big smiles and be happy.” 

The one-hour episode is expected to air this summer. 

Emily Bloch is an education reporter for The Florida Times-Union. Follow her on Twitter or email her. Sign up for her newsletter.

Amazon Prime Video to feature Illinois State students in The College Tour series

By Jon Twork, Illinois State University News I April 8, 2022

Senior acting major Joshua Thomas shares highlights of his college experience with a television production crew backstage at Braden Auditorium for Illinois State’s episode of The College Tour, scheduled to stream on Amazon Prime Video this fall.

A television production crew with experience working on Emmy award-winning reality shows, such as Survivor and Undercover Boss, was on campus for a weeklong shoot that wrapped up Friday, April 8.

Instead of filming drama-packed challenges on a remote tropical island, however, the crew focused their cameras on 10 Illinois State University students who shared their experiences as Redbirds for a 30-minute episode of The College Tour, scheduled to stream on Amazon Prime Video this fall.

Alex Boylan, an Emmy-nominated producer who won CBS’s second season of The Amazing Race, is The College Tour’s host and executive producer. He developed the show after seeing his niece’s college decision limited to a handful of schools that she could afford to visit. Seeking to expand options for prospective students and families, Boylan thought, “Higher education needs its own television series.”

“Each episode of The College Tour tells the story of one institution, and the best part about it is we tell that in a very authentic way through the lens of real, current students,” Boylan said. “There’s not a better way to learn about the vibe and the culture of a place than real students and their real stories.”

Alex Boylan, the executive producer and host of The College Tour, shoots a segment for Illinois State’s episode inside of the Bone Student Center.

Episodes are available for free on Amazon Prime Video without a membership and can also be watched on The College Tour’s website and through several other streaming platforms.

“Illinois State has a unique and compelling story to tell, and The College Tour provides an opportunity to tell that story to a wide audience,” said Director of Admissions Jeff Mavros. “This is a special place, and there are no better brand ambassadors than our students themselves. Putting them front and center to share their experiences with the world is a no-brainer. I’m excited about seeing the final product because I know it will instill pride in the members of our campus community and the extended Redbird family across the globe.”

Senior acting major Joshua Thomas said he felt “ecstatic” when he was selected from a pool of more than 70 students who submitted audition tapes to be included in Illinois State’s episode. Thomas worked with The College Tour’s team during preproduction to develop a roughly 2-minute script focused on his experience making friends and getting involved on campus through opportunities with the School of Theatre and Dance and WZND, the student-run radio station.

“I hope that students watching my segment will kind of be inspired,” Thomas said. “When I started at ISU, I didn’t know necessarily what I wanted to do—other than be an acting major. But when I attended Festival ISU and saw all the events on campus and all the organizations, I was able to find my way. So, I hope that they see that and are like, ‘Oh, yeah, I will find my way once I get to college.’”

Even though Thomas has experience embodying a character and memorizing lines for theatrical productions including his current role in Mary Stuart (Oswald), he said appearing on-camera—as himself—presented a new challenge. Thomas said he was awestruck by the setup for his segment, which was filmed backstage in Braden Auditorium.

“It was kind of breathtaking because I went in there and they had somebody in my place, getting ready and doing the lighting; and then they were like, ‘OK, you’re going in there now.’ So, I was a little nervous, but it was fun,” Thomas said. “I really liked meeting the crew and networking with them.”

With The College Tour production crew filming, physics engineering sophomore Amelia Korveziroska (right) works in Assistant Professor of Physics Dr. Mahua Biswas’s (middle) applied nanomaterials research lab in Moulton Hall.

Amelia Korveziroska, a physics engineering sophomore, prepared extensively but felt the pressure when she arrived to shoot her segment in front of the Science Laboratory Building. The crew informed Korveziroska that they had 30 minutes to record her scripted portion before impending rain hit campus.

“We got everything done right as the rain started,” Korveziroska said. “So, it was definitely tight.”

Korveziroska focused her script on unique opportunities for undergraduate research at Illinois State, specifically in Assistant Professor of Physics Dr. Mahua Biswas’s applied nanomaterials research lab. In her first two years at Illinois State, Korveziroska has already co-authored a scholarly journal article, presented at an international conference, and is headed to Harvard this summer through a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) scholarship.

While Korveziroska would love to work for NASA in a few years, her experience on The College Tour made her consider future opportunities to inspire young women—through television—to pursue an education and career in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) field.

Boylan, who has traveled to more than 50 schools for The College Tour over the past two years, said visiting college campuses across the country to share student stories—such as Thomas’s and Korveziroska’s—is “invigorating.”

In Normal, Boylan said he and the crew felt the “friendliness” and “spirit” of the Illinois State community. “I personally feel it, and our whole crew has been raving about it,” Boylan said. “This campus is really special. The friendliness and the spirit since we’ve stepped foot on this campus is second to none.”

Illinois State’s episode of The College Tour—the first episode of the sixth season—is scheduled for a fall release on Amazon Prime Video. The show will feature the following students: Sarah Aguilar ’20, a first-year graduate student enrolled in the specialist program in school psychology; Amelia Korveziroska, a sophomore physics engineering major; Katie Leslie, a sophomore nursing major; Danny Less, a senior communications major; Michael Lyman, a senior recreation management major; Abi Mitsven, a junior journalism major; Brittney Oakley, a sophomore accounting major; Michael Severino, a sophomore secondary mathematics education major; Jaychelle Smith, a junior film and theatre studies major; and, Joshua Thomas, a senior acting major.

ISU to be featured on Amazon Prime show ‘The College Tour’

By Darnysha Mitchell, Heart of Illinois ABC I April 6, 2022

NORMAL (Heart of Illinois ABC) – A TV show highlighting colleges across the country has made its way to Central Illinois.

Illinois State University will be in the spotlight on the Amazon Prime show ‘The College Tour’.

Crews have been in pre-production for the last two months getting to know the Twin Cities and the campus and will be filming for the next five days.

Show host Alex Boylan said the ISU campus makes Normal one of the top college towns in the country.

ISU to be featured on Amazon Prime show ‘The College Tour’

WAND News I April 6, 2022

JU alumnus on filming ‘The College Tour’

News 4 JAX I April 5, 2022

We speak with host and executive producer of “The College Tour,” Alex Boylan, about the process shooting in Jacksonville.