Caffey Hall (with Gabriella Russo)

Dorm Tour #3 from High Point University

Look at this shower. The shower is absolutely sick.

Hey, guys. My name’s Gabriella, and I’m a sophomore here at High Point University. Let’s go check out my room in Caffey Hall.

So this is the lobby in Caffey Hall, which is absolutely stunning. Living here is basically like living in a hotel. So the best thing about Caffey Hall is that there’s community kitchens, which I love to make cookies in. And then with a huge gym and two huge movie theaters, where we all do movie nights. So let me give you a little tour into my room.

So we are in a two-person suite, so we have two bedrooms, one huge bathroom and this amazing living space. So we all like to watch movies, hang out, we talk, we play games, which we absolutely love. I like the decorative little flowers. And then we have this insane kitchen, in which I love to store all my little snacks.

And we also like to make a little tea and coffee and just like, catch up. So then we have our bathroom. The bathroom I absolutely love, because look at this shower. The shower is absolutely sick. And I love to organize, have a little makeup vanity.

And then the best part of the whole room is the bedroom. You can decorate the bedroom however you want. And honestly, it’s so beautiful and the bedrooms are huge. And my favorite part is, because I love my cozy home, I brought my whole wardrobe with me and I still have room for more. So that’s sick.

So this is my roommate, Lauren’s room. She’s doing a little bit of homework. What’s going on, Lauren?
– Working, what about you?

– Just doing a little tour of your room.
So she has the same exact room. She did a different layout with her bed, and she added her own little touch to it. My favorite part is the little wallpaper she put up because it looks so fun, right?

– Oh, yeah.

– So that’s pretty much it. This is our room in Caffey. Hope you enjoyed! Thank you.

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