Tiny Homes (with Rafe Sinclair)

Dorm Tour #2 from High Point University

I’ve got my kitchen with my stainless steel appliances…

Hey, guys. I’m Rafe Sinclair. I’m a senior here at High Point University, and I’m going to show you my Tiny Home.

All right, so here we are, let’s enter.

Just inside, I got my dining room and then my little keyboard nook over there in the corner. I’ve got my kitchen with my stainless steel appliances where I can, you know, use the oven, use the microwave. And I even got a stovetop for when I need to cook. Over here, just a double-stacked washer and dryer that helps me, you know, keep my clothes clean. I don’t really have to go anywhere to get that done.

And just right across the hallway over here, I got the living room. And this is a great place to just hang out and have fun with my friends. They are over here all the time. I normally have my puppy over here as well. He just sits over here, you know, looking out the window. But he’s not here today, unfortunately.

And then back over here, we got my walk-in shower, you know, nice, full vanity bathroom and then a good view of the outside.

So let me take you all upstairs. All right. So right here, I have got my little study space. This is where I come after class and I just work on my homework. I get my internship stuff all handled here. Just right across is my bed. Got everything I need here. Walk-in closet, a nice little dresser stand, and then a beautiful view of my backyard.

Thank you guys for visiting my Tiny Home.

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