Panther Commons (with Sophia Cina)

Dorm Tour #1 from High Point University

So unlike most universities, we actually get full-sized beds in our dorms, which I absolutely love.

What’s going on, everybody? My name is Sophia Cina, and I’m a sophomore here at High Point University. I’m super excited because today I get to take you guys around our new dorm building, Panther Commons. Let’s go take a look.

All right, you guys, here we go. We are entering our Panther Commons lobby and you will quickly see that this looks basically like a hotel lobby. It is so clean and fancy and it’s very spacious, too. One thing I love about this dorm is it’s a great place to hang out, study with friends. And there is so much in this building which I cannot wait to tell you guys.

So actually right across as well, we have a baseball field where we have our home games and then we have the Qubein Center for our basketball games. So most of the time since we have such great food options, a lot of people like to pitstop in here. So let me tell you what those food options are. We have a pizza place, a mexican restaurant, a brunch place, and then my personal favorite, we have a hibachi grill on campus.

And the best part, all of it is with our student meal plans. And it gets better because we also have two gyms in here, one for weights and whatnot. And then we also have a cycling studio. We also have a pool. And this is unlike any campus. We also have a barber shop and a nail salon in here. These are most definitely the best dorms on campus.

And I can’t wait to show you guys my dorm right now.

All right, guys. So this is the second floor in Panther Commons. The cool thing about this dorm building also, each floor has their own personal color, so ours is a mustard yellow. And so a cute thing our RA’s did right now, so they did a little mustard door names or door nametags for us.

And now we are entering the dorm floor common area. As you guys can see, it’s super spacious, plenty of couches, chairs and this is a great place to study if needed, hang out with friends and just hop out of your dorm room for a little bit. There’s also two really big TVs, so sometimes people will hook up their Xbox or PlayStations. Just do some gaming out here.

And now I’m excited to take you guys to my room.

Hey, Helena!

– Hey, what’s good?

– What’s good? All right, guys, here we are. It’s super spacious in here as well. So this is the dorm. So unlike most universities, we actually get full-sized beds in our dorms, which I absolutely love. I know Helena loves it, too.

And I’m going to show you guys what I love about this dorm, and that’s making it your own, making it personable. So we’ll start with Helena’s side first. She’s from New York, so she’s got a little New York stuff up here. She’s got a little nature vibe going on here. She’s got some vinyls. And then Helena loves building Legos, too.

So that’s something we like to do together sometimes as well. And then on my side here, I’m from Las Vegas, so I got a little playing duck right there. And then now I’m in North Carolina, so I got a bit of a country vibe going on. So I got a little duck with a hat on. And then up here I just have some pictures of friends from home and family, and then there’s also plenty of storage in here.

You’ll see under the bed that there’s storage. And then I got a little bench which is not included, but I love it for some extra storage as well. And then we have a cabinet right here and this is a desk area and something from here too. You know, our motto is God, family, country. So this is the Christian sorority I’m involved in here on campus.

And then I got letters from home from my family because they’re super important to me. And then we have another cabinet here and then we have a TV up there. Right now, Helena and I are super into watching Big Brother. It’s one of our favorites. And then I love watching The Office here too. And then something special in here, is we have a little roommate whiteboard calendar, so we put big events or things going on for the week and then we also put up verses of the week to keep us motivated and going.

Now we have a little kitchenette area, so we have a bunch of storage in here as well, it’s something you do not need to worry about in this dorm. You’ll have plenty of room for everything. Got a microwave, a full fridge, cabinet space under here for cleaning supplies.
And then also, we have a bathroom. And then, this is also nice, it’s just Helena and I, we get to share the bathroom and it looks like a hotel bathroom. Super fancy light LED mirror, walk-in shower. Absolutely love this dorm. And also another thing too, we have a full-on, walk-in closet.

Thank you guys so much for joining me today. I had so much fun showing you around. Make sure that you guys choose Panther Commons as your future dorm building.
You will be more than happy with your choice. And I wish you guys a great day. Bye!

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