Centennial Commons (with Hannah Tatge)

Dorm Tour #1 from College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University

I have tons of space in here. Tons of space to do my homework… bed’s perfect size…

Hi guys, my name is Hannah Tatge, I’m a senior here at the College of Saint Benedict, and I’m gonna show you around my home here at Centennial Commons. Follow me!

So one of my favorite spots, actually, is even before you get into the apartments, these chairs out here. Like having coffee in the morning, do my homework before the snow comes. It’s a spot that I really, really enjoy. So I’m just going to let you on in and show you around.

So this is my roommate, Emmy.

This is our living room. We live in a four-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouse. So this is our main living space with the kitchen. We have a table, four chairs. It’s a really great space, open, and we can do our homework at the same time as making meals, having conversations, playing games, watching TV… So again, great open space. There’s a ton of storage for food. We never run into issues with that, between, there’s four of us who live here. Like I said, we never have issues like not having enough space for holding all our food, and all four of us are athletes. So that is a huge factor that definitely contributes to this.

So if you’d follow me, you can see all of our nice appliances and everything. We do, what we really love about our space as well, is we have in-unit laundry, so if you look in here you can see I’ve got of washer and dryer. Again, tons of space for, for the four of us. Close that.

Over here we have our little, our bathroom in here. So it’s got a shower and a toilet and some more storage space in the back, as well as some hooks. And then out here we got two sinks, there’s two of us on the main level and then two of us are upstairs. So again, tons of storage, tons of space for you to get ready in the morning.

Then if you follow me in here, this is actually my bedroom, which is super, super nice for an on-campus apartment. I have tons of space in here. Tons of space to do my homework… bed’s perfect size. I can put a ton of storage underneath that as well, as our closets are actually huge. There’s a lot of space to be able to keep everything you want. I’ve got clothes, open bins. I even put some of my, like, water bottles and stuff down below. That’s super nice. I also have a mini fridge in here just because with four athletes, sometimes you need a little bit more space it with the fridge. But other than that, it’s super, super nice. I love that you can still see out into the community area, still feel definitely at home here. So for sure, an awesome spot to be. And then follow me here…

This is my roommate Emmy’s room, the one that was at the beginning of the video. It’s fun to see just like a different view on how people decorate their rooms. So definitely a little bit of a different feel, but definitely the warm, cozy, upbeat vibe that I have going. So if you follow me this way…

This is just like a folding table area. We kind of just use it, we put a lot of our cardboard here, for recycling and stuff, but it’s just another space for ya.

Follow me upstairs. So it’s super nice. Like I mentioned earlier, all four of us here are athletes. Me and Emmy are swimmers, so we have a morning practice in the morning, but our upstairs, upstairs roommates are softball players, so it’s nice to have the different levels, so that we don’t wake them up in the morning and able to get good sleep for our practices.

So upstairs is very similar to downstairs. Kind of have the same line-up with the kitchen space, lots of drawers and appliances and stuff like that. Same bathroom setup, looks almost identical to ours, but they decorated it in a little bit of a different way.

And then this is one of their rooms, again, all of us kind of decorate in a different way. Some of us like a little bit more decor, some are a little more laid back with their decorations. So this was just another way to see it set up. And then last but not least, is the fourth and final room.

So, yeah, this is, this is my home for the year and I really love it. It’s very spacious, super nice.
And thanks for tagging along with me, here at Centennial Commons!

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